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  1. Yan Wo

    Refurbished 1947 9A for sale in Portland, OR

    This email appeared on <[email protected]>. I'm forwarding it with permission. Dear South Bend Lathe folks, My dad, Doug Scott, loved reading the emails in this group even though he didn't post much after getting his 1947 SB 9" Model A up and running in 2013! He passed away this year...
  2. Yan Wo

    OT: Log in problems

    For the past several days, I've had to log in each time I visit PM, despite having <Remember Me> checked. Is it me, or has something changed.
  3. Yan Wo

    OT (but quite pertinent, I think) -- A New Idea Regarding Gun Control

    A friend of mine came up with this idea. I think it's unique and very good! What do you think?
  4. Yan Wo

    Support pad locations on Starrett surface plate

    I just bought a seldom used and 20 year old (or so he thought) Starrett 24 x 36 x 6 pink granite surface plate. I now want to build a stand for it. I haven't been able to look at the bottom of the plate. Do Starrett plates typically have support pads -- or some indications of where the supports...
  5. Yan Wo

    Better handle for Sandvik hand scraper

    I have one of these Sandvik hand scrapers and I want to replace its handle with something like this wooden drawer knob only 3 or 4 inches in diameter -- and padded -- so I can comfortably bump the scraper with my chest. One fellow at a recent scraping class made one from a round plastic...
  6. Yan Wo

    Scraping: Why does a flat bar hinge at 30%?

    I've been watching several scraping videos in preparation for a class I'm taking next week. A common observation in all the presentations is that the finished piece will hinge at about one third of its length. I'm very curious as to why that is. Can someone educate me? Thanks!
  7. Yan Wo

    Login changes?

    For several weeks, I have not had to log in. I thought this was unusual, because I used to have to log in every three or four days. For the past couple days, however, despite checking the "remember me" box, I have to log in each time I connect. Is this an intentional change?
  8. Yan Wo

    15” X “48” Pacemaker for sale in Utah $2000

    Not mine. On KSL Classifides at <Large Metal Lathe 15” X “48” Pacemaker | ksl.com>.
  9. Yan Wo

    9A for sale in Salt Lake City area

    Seller wants $2900 for this. I'm betting he won't get it. It's on the local KSL Classifieds at <South Bend 9” Precision Metal Lathe model A | ksl.com>. It's listed twice. At South Jordan 8 days ago, and at West Valley 23 days ago. Identical ads and little specific information on HIS lathe.
  10. Yan Wo

    What does "HSS" mean to the Chinese?

    Here's a 1/2 inch drill my brother-in-law was using to put a deep hole in the edge of a solid wood door. Then this happened: This made me wonder what "HSS" means to the Chinese.
  11. Yan Wo

    Craftsman Tools -- RIP

    Looked at some of the new "Craftsman" tools at Lowe's today and nearly wretched because of the terrible quality of most of them. Good thing I have two lifetime's worth of old "Guaranteed For Life -- if it breaks we'll replace it for free" Made in USA tools. Or maybe you think Craftsman tools...
  12. Yan Wo

    Was my 1948 9A's bed "japanned?"

    My 1948 9A's bed appears to have been japanned. If not, I wonder what the thick coating -- missing in spots -- is. Years ago at <http://www.lathes.co.uk/southbend9-inch/>, I found a great history of the 9 inch lathe. It contains this interesting note: My lathe is apparently one of those with...
  13. Yan Wo

    What do you experts think of this Bridgport mill?

    Please take a look at this ad. Local seller wants $1800. Seems like too much to me. I want a Bridgeport to refurbish, and this one could use it. :) Thanks!
  14. Yan Wo

    9A Spindle Adjustment

    In Steve Brooks' excellent book, A Guide to Renovating the South Bend Lathe 9" Model A, B & C, he states that after properly adjusting the take-up collar the, "spindle should turn easily." The "Headstock Bearing Adjustment" PDF on Wells' excellent web site at...
  15. Yan Wo

    OT: PM slow to open in Chrome

    Beginning a week or so ago, Chrome started taking over a minute to open PM -- if it opened it at all. But not always. Chrome would often open PM immediately, as it had for the past several years. I'm not aware of any changes I made on my end. I followed the advice of a web article and...
  16. Yan Wo

    What is the threaded hole on the side of my Aloris AXA tool post used for?

    I recently bought this Aloris AXA tool post from a PM member. While playing with it, I noticed a blind threaded hole on its side. What is its purpose? Frank Sirola's 1961 patent drawings match this part almost exactly, except the drawings show no threaded hole.
  17. Yan Wo

    How was this Aloris AXA tool post hub made?

    This is the hub of the new-to-me Aloris AXA tool post I recently bought. When I disassembled it to see how it worked and to clean it, I was surprised to see the depicted hub was apparently not machined. How was it made? It is very hard. A high quality new file just skates across its surface.
  18. Yan Wo

    Genuine Aloris Toolpost?

    A friend has an AXA toolpost that appears to be an Aloris, but it has no maker's mark. How can we determine if it's genuine Aloris?
  19. Yan Wo

    Gold plated (?) 9A for sale in Utah

    He wants $5,500 for it, so I assume it's gold plated. See it on KSL Classifieds at South Bend 9A machine lathe | ksl.com
  20. Yan Wo

    OT: Should I see the cookies notice every time I open PM?

    Should I see the cookies notice banner every time I open PM?