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    Schaublin w 12 metric collet set wanted

    Hi Guys- interested in purchasing Schaublin w 12 metric collet set in good condition . Do not want the knock offs listed on line. I know this is a long shot but someone might have a set somewhere. Might even consider a trade if someone needs levin 10 mm metric in very nice condition. thanks...
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    aciera f1 high speed head wanted in the use

    still interested in purchasing an Aciera F3 high speed head that uses 20 mm collets . I do not want to deal with overseas shopping thanks Markus
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    Wanted ! ! !

    wanted - aciera f3 f3 high speed head in the USA. I haven't checked in here for quite some time .. Hope I posted this at the right place. thanks Markus
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    Another Deckel In a Small Place

    Hi Erik- congrats on the purchase keep us updated . I haven't been active here for awhile so I'll be watching the progress of the new toy Markus
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    The impossible question, when do you start to get rid of your machines?

    good evening- I haven't been active on this site for awhile,but am glad I logged on tonight. As a long time friend of Rivett608 and many other guys here I am enjoying the read. Lots of thoughts go through one's mind when thinking of the "how and when of thinning out the stuff". At 68 I...
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    Long Reach work

    HI Ross- as always a great post! I like seeing your set ups. You must have nerves of steel to work on pieces like this. Markus
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    Mikron WF1 overhaul done the right way

    Mikron overhaul Hi Alex- I enjoyed your slide show with narration . Thanks for taking the time to share you hard work. Markus
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    Rivett608's TED Talk is now online.

    great job Bill Markus
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    Finally bought an FP2

    Hi Danny - congrats on your new find.. Keep us posted on the progress... Markus
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    Using an FP2 as a lathe...

    truing bandsaw wheel great idea- thanks Markus
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    Anyone get an FP1 in NJ today?

    Sandiapaul- I caught wind of the deal a week ago , and was told it was a lever machine....... . I guess I did not know lever machines had 40 tapers. Did not get a chance to see pics or details Markus
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    schaublin 102 second operation lathe for sale

    there is a schaublin 102 second op lathe in the cabin fever auction this coming Friday in Lebanon Pa.. It has a set of W25 collets , a turrett tailstock and a double tool production cross slide. Pics are on auction zip thought I would post for the schaublin users Markusfu
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    schaublin 102 w 25 in cabin fever auctionthi

    this might not be the correct place to put this , but I thought I would post it here and in the for sale area... there is a schaublin 102 second op lathe in the cabin fever auction this coming Friday in Lebanon Pa.. It has a set of W25 collets , a turrett tailstock and a double tool...
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    Schaublin slotting carriage brochure?

    thanks for posting the picture.... You have got yourself a gem there. Is there a setting for changing the depth of cut? Markus
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    American Precision Machine Museum in VT Tour

    Hi Larry- thanks for taking the time to share the pics markus
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    deckel for the dogs---

    Hi Eric- thanks for the help. I did get in touch with him . cheers Markus
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    deckel for the dogs---

    Tien- thanks for the tip. I'm pretty sure his last name was Borg and he was living in Sweden. He liked deckels and aciera. I'm guessing this was taken about 10- 12 years ago. Markus.
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    deckel for the dogs---

    I was going through old deckel literature and pictures I have collected over the years and located this one . If my memory serves me right, it may have been submitted by an old friend i'm trying to locate with out any success. I believe it was Anders Borg... if he sees this or if you know of...