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    Is Monel suitable as a thrust wear surface?

    I am working on repairing a damaged thrust surface on the back of an engine block this surface takes the thrust pressure when the clutch is depressed. The rest of the time loads are minimal as the trans has straight-cut gears and the crankshaft has its own thrust control. The original system...
  2. J

    Can I substitute different DP gear cutters?

    Hello A question for those who know gear cutting. I rarely cut gears. I need to make one gear that is 12 tooth 8DP 20degree PA. That cutter is a little hard to come by and expensive when I do find it. Even then two places emailed back to inform me they don't actually have it. This gear is for...
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    Looking for video of Swiss screw machine making carburetor needles.

    Hello all, I am hoping someone may have video of carburetor needles being made on a screw machine. This is purely for fun to be posted on a website about how the various parts for a car were made also interested in other ways machined carburetor parts may have been made in the years past. It...
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    facing? lathe, looking for info about it.

    Just thought this was interesting might just be a shop built special purpose machine. Or maybe it sold new as is? Any one ever see anything like it? Antique Industrial 1917 Metal Lathe
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    Forklift brakes poor operation in rain.

    We have a Yale 5000# forklift about a 1980 model, anytime the brakes get wet such as just sitting out in the rain they do not work at all. I have told all the employees to be aware of this, obviously major safety or property damage issues could occur. However it is very easy to just jump on or...
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    aluminum bronze as a bearing

    Hello, I have a question regarding the use of aluminum bronze for a bearing. The bearing is oil lubed buy automotive engine oil not really under much pressure if any but plenty of volume. The bearing in question has a press fit OD and a .500 id turns at a max of of 3000 rpm in relation to the...
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    Metal Analysis

    Hello everyone, Need A little advice I read this board alot and normally just find what I need in past threads. No luck this time I am working on a old automotive transmission for a 1960 mini that I'm restoring. It is a 4 speed manual and the synchronizer rings are shot and not available...