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    New Machine day (New to me)

    LOL. That's definitely a long boy. To the OP: Congrats! Please post more details.
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    Hitatchi Seiki Ht20sii bar feeder.

    I have a HT20SIII with i80 control hooked up to a LNS Quick Load. This is the next newer generation of your machine, so I don't know if it's done the same. The cords from the bar feeder don't have a plug. They go into the electrical cabinet and are hard wired in. The power cable gets hooked into...
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    Spego Lights - Help

    It could prove quite difficult to identify those. Then who knows if they're actually still available for purchase. Small electrical components seem to get obsoleted rather quickly. If I were you, I would just wire in some new indicator lights or push buttons. It would be easier in the long run.
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    Hydraulic pressure and air pressure and door switch alarms oh my! 1995 Hardinge VT200 Fanuc 18T

    He means the yellow I/O modules on the Fanuc PLC at the top, labeled AID16D They plug in to a back board. It's funny that none of the inputs are lit up on the display. Are you sure you have 24V? Find a place to check it. There should be a power supply somewhere in the electrical cabinet. It...
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    091 Reference Return Incomplete - B-axis Fanuc 18i-TB Nakamura Tome

    Does the machine have a parts catcher? Maybe that's not in the home position? Try indexing the turret to get the Index Ready status on, then try the B-axis home.
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    SMW Bar feeder troubleshooting

    How does it measure the bar length before putting it in the machine? It sounds like it could be alarming out because it didn't measure the bar correctly. Maybe the switch that does the measuring has gone bad?
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    Has anyone here had time on a twin turret, twin spindle lathe?

    Hey aj. I've got that same machine with a parts catcher mounted on the headwall that dumps into the door. How does your parts catcher work?
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    Has anyone here had time on a twin turret, twin spindle lathe?

    Doosan (now DN) is South Korean. They mostly use Fanuc controls. When you get to this complexity of machine, it's going to take a lot more than an extra $20k to get you from a Doosan to a Mori. More like $200k... Maybe that's an exaggeration... but maybe not. Also, consider Miyano single turret...
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    Feed hold lit up in auto operation

    This is a long shot, but by chance has anyone replaced the tiny bulb in the push button indicator light with a LED bulb? I have an old CNC that I bought used where someone did this, and the light acts goofy. I don't understand why, but it does.
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    Feed hold lit up in auto operation

    What does the feed hold light do when you press the feed hold? Does it stay on, or does it go off? I agree that it's kind of weird.
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    Has anyone here had time on a twin turret, twin spindle lathe?

    I like how you're supporting that part with the sub.
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    Turret problem

    The nut you refer to is in the center of the turret? So, I'm assuming this draws the turret into the curvic coupling? It is probably powered by hydraulics. Do you have hydraulic pressure? Is the turret indexing normally? Maybe there are seals on the hydraulic piston that have deteriorated so...
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    SMW Bar feeder troubleshooting

    I'm not familiar with that bar feeder, but is it possible that the feeder is no longer in alignment with the lathe spindle, and the bar is binding on the way in? It's just a guess. I've had bar feeders come out of alignment from anchors loosening up over time.
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    ATC over travel error on Fanuc 21M

    Do you have a parts book for this machine? If you can look at a breakdown of the tool changer, it might give you an idea of where switches might be. Those switches might be bad or something might have moved off of them. It could be something as simple as an arm that got moved out of position and...
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    Which way to grow? welding, EDM or 3D metal printing

    For us, we have never added services unless our customers needed them. In the past, we had farmed out surface grinding, centerless grinding, thread rolling, and induction heat treating. All of those processes have since been brought in house. But this was only done because there was an ongoing...
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    Okuma Howa ACT-35 EX208 TURRET CONDITION

    Those alarms indicate that the machine lost its home positions. That's usually due to a low battery. I don't see how that could have happened by pushing a drill too hard. What do you mean that the machine "locked up"? There should be procedures in your maintenance manual to set the home...
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    Japanese Machines made in Japan?

    I talked to the rep about that same model. I could have sworn he said it was made in Italy.
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    ATC over travel error on Fanuc 21M

    Just be careful that you don't crash anything. Maybe there's some condition you're not meeting for it to do a tool change. Proceed with extreme caution if you are going to be changing parameters like that. Make sure there's nothing in the way that can interfere.
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    ATC over travel error on Fanuc 21M

    I was thinking you could do that as a work-around. It's not "right". The machine builder set it up the way they did for a reason. But I think you could get it to do a tool change that way. Without knowing why it's done that way and exactly how it works, it's hard to say, but you could probably...
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    Japanese Machines made in Japan?

    I'm shopping for a new auto band saw and was surprised/disappointed that the Amada saw I'm looking at is made in China. Daito is still made in Japan, and the price reflects that. I am still considering the Amada, but I don't feel great about it.