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  1. pavt

    OT Hitting my numbers brag

    This afternoon I started working on a ER32 collet chuck for my SB 9A. It is setup to thread directly onto the spindle. I've been hitting my numbers within .0004 all day, with a 75-yr-old. :eek: The thread fit on the spindle feels like a Class 3 -- no wobble or shake anywhere, but it still spins...
  2. pavt

    SB Mill for sale

    Not mine (I wish it was...) seller is asking 1750 just north of Pittsburgh, needs it gone by Oct 30. I don't have the space or the $$$ but I figured this is a pretty rare piece, passing the word along. I have no relation to the seller. South Bend Milling Machine - tools - by owner - sale
  3. pavt

    WNY Entry-level w/ experience

    Hello -- I'm looking for entry-level machine shop work with a strong background in Fabrication and Industrial Maintenance. I can cover Niagara and Erie counties (Western NY) within reason. Most of my experience and education is in welding and fabrication for MRO work. I first learned welding at...
  4. pavt

    My large dial project

    My latest project -- sorry I didn't do any in-progress stuff like pics or write-up. This is specific to the South Bend, Hercus, and possibly some Boxford lathes. The original dials were quite small by modern standards, and the "feel" was horrible. Even though the markings were sharp and crisp...
  5. pavt

    my new SB9A seup w/ metric gears (lots of pics)

    As promised here's a bunch of pics of my new-to-me 9A. Ser. no. 167360, the card says late 1945. It was originally shipped with the full metric change gear set and 12-speeds rear drive. It has almost no wear, it seems like it was not used: The spindle is like a mirror, with .0015 clearance, half...
  6. pavt

    WTF happened to Lagun?

    Looks like their website is gone all of a sudden.... I was just there a couple weeks ago, no mention of it on twitter or linkedin... there's just a stub page there now, saying its just another wordpress site. Anyone know?
  7. pavt

    Banks hoarding metals?

    Just saw this article in the NY Times, it explains a lot about some price spikes... It seems these investment banks control *huge* amounts of the national and global metal markets, and they sit on it in order to inflate prices regardless of what happens elsewhere in the economy. Stalling on...