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  1. TFPace

    Drawing help

    Just about all of my customers provide cut files. The attached drawing has me puzzled. The top radius R13 has me stumped. Where is this radius swinging from? Also, can someone enlighten me on the "IHI" with the triangle? It's 40+ years since drafting class. Thanks, Tom
  2. TFPace

    ABB VFD repairable or not

    Hello Everyone, I have an ABB ACS550 drive on my OMAX waterjet. The Power and Fault lights are not illuminating and I have power to the drive. OMAX customer service says it's toast and time to replace this item. I know there are companies that specialize in repairing VFD's. I would appreciate...
  3. TFPace

    Bracket fabrication.... How was this piece made?

    The is a simple bracket. 2"x2"x2" by 0.0625" thick. I'm guessing turret punch or stamped and folded. The markings on the edges are telling but I don't know anything about this process. There are folks on this forum that'll know in a minute how this piece is made. Material is galvanized. These...
  4. TFPace

    Square D Motor Starter coil failure

    I have a Square D motor starter that goes through a coil on a yearly basis. The starter coil is 480VAC also. I know there are plenty of starters that have a lower voltage coil but this starter is 480VAC throughout. Is coil failure part of the wear parts for this device? Will switching up to a...
  5. TFPace

    Member and moderator from the Asheville, NC area

    I am trying to recall the name of the gentleman from Asheville, NC that used to be a moderator on the General forum and other forums too. He had/has a crane service too. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  6. TFPace

    Sharpening chipper knives

    Are there any members that are set up to sharpen chipper knives. These knives are used in higher horse power chippers. Morbark, Peterson are two manufacturers that come to mind. This is the type machine I am looking for... EXPERT WOOD CHIPPER KNIFE SHARPENING for all makes including BANDIT...
  7. TFPace

    Edge forming on 14 ga. SS sheet

    I am not versed on sheet metal and had a call from a company asking to make two cover plates . The edge detail on this piece requires what I would call for an edge roller. Rolling light gage mild steel is one thing. Rolling 14ga SS in another. What machine is used for this piece? Thanks, Tom
  8. TFPace

    Broaching puzzle

    I attempted my first ever broaching today. Material was cast. Broach was DuMont 7/8" bushing C series. I used plenty of cutting oil. Dake arbor press. I even watched a video on YouTube. This was a two cut, I use the included shim. The broach was brand new and I thought maybe it was bent. Dead...
  9. TFPace

    Old Italian fabrication equipment mfg'

    Does anyone recognize this name? I bought an old horizontal press that built in Italy. I am struggling with locating any information on this company. I'm beginning to think they are long out of business. C.M. PUCCI s.p.a. Zona Ind CID Ancona Italy Thanks for any suggestions . Tom Sent...
  10. TFPace

    Need transformer Wiring diagram help

    Guys, I bought this Italian press at auction (online) in Surrey, BC. There is no name plate information. The motor data is 380wye/220delta 50 Hertz. From my reading 60 Hertz is standard in Canada. In the control cabinet there's a small tformer. From the attached pictures can guys...
  11. TFPace

    OT.... camcorder recommendations

    Guys, I have never owned a camcorder and my young daughter is wanting to play around with videos, etc. I like the Sony Handycam and especially being able to control it via WiFi. What can you folks suggest as one for her/us to get started? The Sony HDR-CX455 is catching my eye. Sony HDR-CX455/B...
  12. TFPace

    Wifi and access points

    So, my trusty Netgear 900 is on it's last legs. I have an Engenius access point that covers the center of my second floor with the router in my basement where the service enters the house. Will the new routers with all the 4-6 antennas work okay in the basement. I'm happy with my setup and...
  13. TFPace

    Copper plate suppliers

    Can you guys point me to vendors you are using on copper. I'm quoting a job using 3/8". Farmer's in Texas is all I'm finding out side of the online guys. Buss bars... is the end product Thanks, Tom Sent from my SM-G960U1 using Tapatalk
  14. TFPace

    WiFI walkie-talkies

    I am seeking some guidance from fellow PM'ers. Does anyone have any experience with ROiP radios or WiFi walkie-talkies? I am looking for a system that will allow me to talk between my home and shop. I want a PTT system. My 87 year old dad is getting very frail and he has a difficult time using...
  15. TFPace

    New cordless tools on EBay ... that are un-boxed with no paperwork ????

    I'm curious about the DeWalt cordless tools that are being sold on EBay that are new but have no boxes, etc. Are these the counterfeits that I am hearing about? The photos are impressive if they are bootleg. Has anyone bought these tools? These savings are pretty great. I am using three on the...
  16. TFPace

    Kalamazoo H9AW motor issues

    My trusty bandsaw is acting up after many years of faithful service. The voltage is 110VAC, single phase obviously. The motor just hums. Everything is free and moving in the gear box. I'm no electrician but could the capacitor have failed? Thanks, Tom
  17. TFPace

    OT... Grid Tie Solar

    How many members are using or contemplating adding a grid tie solar system to their home or business. Here in NC the incentives are pretty nice. Are you installing yourself or hiring the installation out? Who is your source for panels, etc. I am going with a ground mount system. The mount...
  18. TFPace

    Asset Sales auction METROLINA CORPORATION

    Did anyone attend this auction? Live or on-line. I couldn't take time to watch on-line? Price... high I am betting? Thanks, Tom
  19. TFPace

    Importing machine question. Harmonized Tariff Schedule

    Are there any PM folks that have knowledge of importing metal working machines and the tariffs applied to such items? I have searched Chapters 75 and 85. I'm looking and Chinese ironworkers. Please be easy on me :eek: Thanks, Tom
  20. TFPace

    Ironworker... Does anyone recognise this brand ??? Bernardo Macchina

    This machine is a puzzle to me. The company that is liquidating these machines tells me there is no country of origin listed on the name plate. They think these are Taiwanese built machines? I'm agreeing and also throwing Turkish or China too. Are there any PM folk that know the backstory on...