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    Schaublin w 12 metric collet set wanted

    Hi Guys- interested in purchasing Schaublin w 12 metric collet set in good condition . Do not want the knock offs listed on line. I know this is a long shot but someone might have a set somewhere. Might even consider a trade if someone needs levin 10 mm metric in very nice condition. thanks...
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    aciera f1 high speed head wanted in the use

    still interested in purchasing an Aciera F3 high speed head that uses 20 mm collets . I do not want to deal with overseas shopping thanks Markus
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    schaublin 102 second operation lathe for sale

    there is a schaublin 102 second op lathe in the cabin fever auction this coming Friday in Lebanon Pa.. It has a set of W25 collets , a turrett tailstock and a double tool production cross slide. Pics are on auction zip thought I would post for the schaublin users Markusfu
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    schaublin 102 w 25 in cabin fever auctionthi

    this might not be the correct place to put this , but I thought I would post it here and in the for sale area... there is a schaublin 102 second op lathe in the cabin fever auction this coming Friday in Lebanon Pa.. It has a set of W25 collets , a turrett tailstock and a double tool...
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    deckel for the dogs---

    I was going through old deckel literature and pictures I have collected over the years and located this one . If my memory serves me right, it may have been submitted by an old friend i'm trying to locate with out any success. I believe it was Anders Borg... if he sees this or if you know of...
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    Hardinge cross slide TAPERED GIB wanted model dsc

    wanted - hardinge lower cross slide tapered gib needed for a model DSC . If you have one please contact Markusfu at hot mail dot com thanks
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    Hardinge hlvh belt adjustment

    I have a question about belt adjustment on and Hardinge HLVH EM the manual on page 5 says to loosen lock nut 'a' and turn the screw clockwise to lower the motor. For those of you that have actually done the adjustment, did you find that the screw actually lowered the motor or that just...
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    vactra #2 oil

    This is an old deckel topic but I need to bring it up once more.. When I did an on line search for vactra #2 oil it says Mobile ISO 68 is the same. When I did a search on vactra #2 oil on the PM being used in Deckels several guys mentioned that they are using a 46 hydraulic...
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    Names model show in wyandotte , mich, this weekend

    I was wondering how many of you are planning on going to the NAMES show in Wyandotte, Michingan this weekend? Here is the link to it if you have never been to one before. North American Model Engineering Society see you there Markus
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    dealing directly with singer not e-bay

    Have you dealt directly with Frantz Singer for deckel parts and avoided the e-bay control? If so , is there any price break? Markus
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    N.a.m.e.s. Show this coming weekend

    Now that the Cabin Fever show is over, how many are going to make it to the N.A.M.E.S. show this coming weekend? It will be interesting to see how the crowd will be since it will be back to back with cabin fever. Markus
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    wanted acu rite DRO left end cap

    I need an end cap for the left side of an older style acurite dro scale. The scale is 1 inch wide and 3/4 inch thick. There are three little phillips head screws holding the end cap on the aluminum frame of the scale holder. I can e-mail a pic of exactly what it looks like it you may have...
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    milling using the deckel indexing head for

    I've done some fairly heavy milling using the deckel rotary table without concern for the worm. Any idea if heavy milling with the indexer will damage the worm? Markus
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    speed calculator on a slide rule

    Hi guys- I want to share a couple of pics of an unusual (to me at least) speed calculator on a slide rule. It was presented by the National Acme Co . It is nine inches long, is made of wood with a white celluloid type covering. Anyone else have one? Markus
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    NAMES- MODEL SHOW THIS WEEKEND- Wyandotte Michigan

    Just wondering how many of you might be attending the NORTH AMERICAN MODEL ENGINEERING SHOW this weekend in Wyandotte Michigan? Markus
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    standard tool co surface gauge question

    I have an old standard tool co. surface gauge that has been painted silver on the base. Is there supposed to be a layer of black paint on the base? If so would you try to lift the silver off and attempt to keep the original black? Any ideas how to get just the outer layer off? thanks Markus
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    Vintage Ames collets

    If there are any vintage Ames or Waltham guys here, there are some hard to find Ames collets on e-bay Markus
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    starrett machinist square protective wooden carrier

    I recently purchased this 18" starrett machinist square #20 which has a wooden protective carrying case. Was the case an option that starrett sold or did pattern makers simply make them ? I have seen some in the past but wanted to know the story ? thanks Markus
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    small dro's for jeweler's lathe

    Have any of you found a source for small , sensitive dros that would work on a jewelers lathe cross slide? If so , please share and show your setup Any ideas other than hooking up an indicator? Thanks Markus
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    Seasons greetings to all pm'ers

    I'd like to wish the best of holidays to all the people here on the PM who participate and help make it a great place to read , learn, and share information. It's truly amazing how quickly you can find and answer to a problem or locate a needed item. To Don and and all that sponsor the cost...