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  1. dcsipo

    OT: What are the moderators leaning?

    Is it balls and strikes or there is a bias? I think it is not down the middle...
  2. dcsipo

    OT. Why do you consider yourself a "conservative"?

    Before you answer, watch this.
  3. dcsipo

    The world is about to re shuffle

    The world is about to re shuffle. Supply chains are about to be disrupted Are you in the right place?
  4. dcsipo

    Etalon height gage scriber and and clamp

    I got a 28" Etalon Height gage, from other pictures it seems that the clamp rides in the dovetails on the side of the arm, If any of you have one like this, could you please post a picture of the clamp, esp the inside of the design? Here is the height gage
  5. dcsipo

    This just a day before Christmas

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, or whatever you celebrate, and happy Festivus for the rest of us Hope You get what you wished for dee ;-D
  6. dcsipo

    How does the Chinese energy crisis is affecting your business

    Central pricing is creating chaos. Subscribe to read | Financial Times Interesting companion video dee ;-D
  7. dcsipo

    Looking for parts for a mitutoyo 570-244 height gauge

    Hi, I need two clamp screws and a battery cover. I think I have located a source for the battery cover, but the screws are not that simple. If any of you have the same height gauge could you let me know what the thread size is for the two thumbscrews that clamp the carriages to the column...
  8. dcsipo

    Biaxes for sale

  9. dcsipo

    Ford F150 Lightning

    Who, if any of you, is putting down a deposit? Looks interesting, if it takes off, it will change the industry. https://www.ford.com/trucks/f150/f150-lightning/2022/ dee ;-D
  10. dcsipo

    Question about multiple heat treatment of )1 tool steel

    Question about multiple heat treatment of O1 tool steel Hi, I made some parts out of 1/8" and 3/8" thick O1 and the thinner parts did not get fully hard after following the instructions from Hudson steel. High Speed Steel | Tool Steel | O1 | O1 Technical Data I assume the thinner parts had...
  11. dcsipo

    This popped up in my youtube feeds

    Battleship New Jersey - YouTube check out the machine shop video. Otherwise loads of interesting tidbits about battleships.
  12. dcsipo

    Box level restore

    I just bought a 6" box level....well sorta level, the vial is not adjustable, and I measured, it is not quite level. The only option is to scrape it. The base, where the level is, has a V. one adjacent side is flat the rest have Vs. Here is my thinking... Start with getting the base level...
  13. dcsipo

    Need some more advice on lapping OD

    I am honing a cylinder it is 9 " long 4" diameter. I made the hone and I am using 500 grit diamonds. I managed to hone a .001" taper into it. I have 2 adjusting crews on the hone. Am I not tightening them evenly? or not moving the hone enough? I had a different resistance on the ends and...
  14. dcsipo

    Arsenal Democracy, how will it affect manufacturing?

    Trump signed the order for Wartime Production but has not acted on it. It does not look like there is a single agency that is assigned to managing production resources to produce necessary medical supplies and equipment locally. What is coming out of the WH is jaw flapping, why there are no...
  15. dcsipo

    Happy new year

    Hope 2020 will treat you well dee ;-D
  16. dcsipo

    OT Seasons greetings

    Merry happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Las Posadas, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Belated Solstice...I guess covered most, enjoy the season, and Festivus for the rest of us. I appreciate all of you, this place has given me help when I needed it the most. dee ;-D
  17. dcsipo

    Need some advice on lapping OD

    The diameter is 4" the length is about 9" the material is CI. Questions: Is aluminum the best lap material for this? Any acceptable plastics or composites for the lap material? How long should be the lap compared to the cylinder length? How thick should the lap walls be? (assuming...
  18. dcsipo

    OT: New Youtube channel from clickspring (Chris)

    It appears he started a new channel showing clips of various processes he uses during his projects. it is interesting to see the steps behind the work. Shows some good video editing skills. For all of you who use youtube as a marketing tool, this can be a good example. Hopefully, this post will...
  19. dcsipo

    Some amateurs just make you sick

    with envy dee ;-D
  20. dcsipo

    I have an old tailstock with a stuck ram. What are the best ideas to loosen it?

    I have the endcap and the screw removed. I filled it up with PB Buster last night let it soak overnight. I also heated the outside until the stuff got to a boil. Should I try to press it out? Let it soak more, more heat? Open for suggestions. dee ;-D