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    55° Gas Pipe Threading in Aluminum

    I normally thread inconel, stainless and mild steels. And you're worried about aluminum?
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    Repairing Intentional Damage to Surface Plate

    Ignore it. I've seen plates with un-intentional damage. No big deal.
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    Bad luck hiring experienced employees

    Plenty of guys happy to just break even.
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    Are cell phones taking bite out of YOUR bottom line

    How many of us have slowed down the feed just for a rest...
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    Large Horizontal Borer

    Is there an elevator so the machinist can reach the controls or a step ladder?
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    Educate me on bore welders

    This guy does bore welding on his youtube channel: Tooling for Lineboring & Bore Welding Machine | Sir Meccanica WS2 - YouTube
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    Where are the six new steel mills?

    You know this forum is all about machining? Don't you?
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    Oak Ridge-Must be a really neat place to work

    Easy money...
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    Machinist / CNC Programmer position Nebraska

    How much is the pay?
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    Why does my lathe bore tapers?

    .002" over 5"? Not sure what you're worried about... I've done a lot of lathe work in many shops and can't remember many parts that wouldn't fit in these parameters. You have to work with what you have. So go have way down and take a couple more thou on the last half. Work with what you have...
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    Small shop looking for mill-turn programmer/setup guy 40+/hr Socal - upland

    Wow! You must be a great guy to work for. Great people skills.
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    Auction purchases. Kurt vises, two rotary tables, and an arbor press.

    You have a BP? Pretty easy to make one...
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    P&W 6" model B slotter

    Very nice! Does table have power feed in both X and Y?
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    Looking for a machinist

    Just to sympathize with you old bikers us old surfers have it bad as well. I just can't get to my feet as fast as I used to. Instead of hunting challenging waves I now find myself hunting easy waves. Getting old sucks.
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    Questions for Interviewing new CAD guy

    HaHa! Man does that bring back memories. Back in the days of APT. I remember being a nc programmer trainee sitting in a room full of contract nc programmers. Man oh man, the tricks those guys could do with rubber bands. And why not, practice makes perfect. And they practiced a lot , especially...
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    Help nothing to do with machine work just saport equipent...Phil

    Man, that sucks. Can a machine that size be easily loaded without starting? I'm just wondering how they got away with it?
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    Nothing to do with me but here is a free shaper

    I wanna see the cart he's gonna move it on.
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    New Programmer, Need Recommendations

    Does your local junior college offer programming? That's how I got in to it.