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    machining keyway in 8" bore update

    I had to pull off these for a little while but I got back on them today. I made an indexable shell mill that takes sumitomo inserts like a wez cutter. It works great.
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    machining keyway in 8" bore

    Here is a picture of machining a 1 5/16 keyway in a heat treated 4140 8" bore with a right angle head on a Bullard boring mill.
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    M00 not working

    i am running a leadwell lathe with fanuc oi-tc control and i need to stop a program in the middle. I programmed an M00 on its own line but the control ignores it and just keeps going.
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    How to program tool change on large cnc lathe

    I started out running a mazak cnc lathe with mazatrol control so tool changes were handled by mazatrol. Now we have a large Leadwell cnc lathe with fanuc control. It will turn about 30" x about 13' I know on most smaller cnc lathes they send them home using G28 or G53. Most parts we do are not...
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    threadmilling 3/4 -10

    How many passes and what feed and speed would you guys run on a 3/4-10 treadmill. I'm threading mild steel 1 7 /16 deep with a full length Allied treadmill. It is .495 dia. I've used it before but this time i got 1 hole and it broke. i was running 3087 rpm and 5" feed and taking 3 radial...
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    manual guide I

    we have a large leadwell lathe at work. It has a fanuc control. I have been programming it with cam but it has manual guide I. I was wondering what you guys think of the manual guide I and if it would be worth learning to use it..
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    Fanuc oi-tc

    on this control if you are running a g71 roughing cycle and you break a tool, is there a way to back the tool out and change the insert and then resume where you left off.
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    G71 roughing feeding too fast

    I am trying to rough machine this shaft using G71 roughing on an oi-tc fanuc control. it roughs fine except the last roughing pass feeds real fast on the 1st step of the shaft. it feeds about .050 per rev. when it steps up to the second size it feeds normal. it also wants to feed fast on the G70...
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    Thread milling question

    I have never thread milled before we had some holes that have a shoulder down in the bottom of the hole so threading with a tap is not real convenient plus the mill I was using wont drive a 3/4-10 tap. So I found a thread milling code generator on the internet and tried threading the holes. My...
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    Adding description to a program on fanuc oi-tc

    I made a program on the lathe to cut a thread today and it worked fine, job is done but I wanted to add a description to the program but I couldn't seem to get the machine to allow me to add one. Is there a way to do it after the program is already written?
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    Machining internal keyways in space ship

    I have to machine some 2" internal keyways in these parts that resemble space ships. The bore is 9" and 32" long. This part is hollow so i only need to machine about 6" on each end but it is a long way through there. Im going to use a right angle head on the boring mill.
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    Tooling suggestion for this job

    Here is a cross section of a brakewheel for an overhead crane. We make quite a few of these ranging from 10" diameter to 30" diameter. Most are cast but some are made from billet ductile iron if no pattern is available for a particular size. Even the cast ones need machined all over to true them...
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    Subroutine on fanuc oi-tc

    I have never used a subroutine or sub program but i tried writing a program with the main program as O0002 and i have a sub at the bottom with O1000. I used m98 p1000 to call the sub . I loaded the program with rs232 and it loaded fine but loaded as 2 seperate programs. How can i get it to load...
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    Fanuc O i-tc control strips program comments when loaded through rs232

    Our lathe with Fanuc Oi-tc control strips program comments when loaded through rs232. The program runs fine but it just doesn't show the comments. My cam program makes red and green parenthesis. Is this the problem?
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    Cable drum grooving program

    This a program I made to test the grooving of a cable drum on a cnc lathe. The one I need to do is much larger but I think I will run this one just to see how it works. Now this is only the finishing pass. I know I will need to rough it out first. These points will be the center of my 1/4" wide...
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    G32 thread cycle

    I need to machine grooves in a cable drum. Ive always done these on a manual machine but we want to try one on the cnc lathe. The groove does not run clear off so I need to plunge and then retract in X while in the thread cycle. Im thinking of using a G32 thread cycle. Will code such as this...
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    Problem with program or tool comp

    I have been playing with this part, trying to get it make the part correctly. On the finish cut, it makes a little step right under chamfer. Also this last time i run it, it gave me an error and halted the finish right where the taper meets the next diam. This is just something i made up to...
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    Running just a finish pass using G76 threading cycle

    When threading on a cnc lathe with G76 threading cycle is there a way to run just a finish pass sort of like a g70 does to a g71 cycle. A Mazak has a way to do this. Its really handy when trying to get your offset set correctly on your threading tool. You can just keep changing your offset a...
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    Tool nose radius compensation

    This is probably a dumb question to most but here goes. Does having a lathe tool upside down or right side up effect whether you use g41 or g42
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    Method of positioning lathe turret for tool changes

    how do most guys position a lathe turret with fanuc for a tool change on a long lathe. Our recently purchased lathe has about 12' of z travel. I realize you can use G28 but that will send it all the way home. If I am working on a part in the chuck say 8" long what should I use to position the...