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  1. Whysosharp

    FS - 10mm Socket Head Cap Screws 100MM Long Partially Threaded

    Got a box full of M10 x 100MM partially threaded SHCS. they are in bags of 5 so we'll do it by the bag. Each bag $3.00 + shipping. I have roughly 40 bags. Please post here first with a quantity. Paypal is preferred. Thanks all
  2. Whysosharp

    BobCad V29 Go/No Go

    Hey All, We have been using BobCad V25 now for quite sometime and are looking to utilize adaptive toolpaths and HSM functions that other CAD/CAM's have. Since we are familiar with BobCad and have found it suits our needs fairly well does anyone know if they offer anything like HSM and how...
  3. Whysosharp

    Dalton Lot 4 lathe

    Hey All, A friend of mine picked up a Dalton #4 and he is having a hard time figuring out what the thread is on the spindle. I read through what I could on lathes.co.uk but couldn't find anything that seemed to be clear as to the size. I'd check it myself but he lives a ways away and doesn't...
  4. Whysosharp

    Fixturing and clamping opinions

    Hey All, Maybe this has been asked maybe not Google didn't provide any results so here goes. I'm looking to make some fixtures using low profile clamps or potentially even use a vacuum chuck. I've seen that mitee-bite carries some options like the uniforce series and those hex shaped cam...
  5. Whysosharp

    Radius over tolerance PS0020 alarm

    Hey all, Our GX 480APC with fanuc Oi-MD control keeps giving me this alarm while trying to use HSM. Posted below are some examples of where the issues are. Parameter 3410 is set to .0001 I don't know if I need to change it or not. N1G68X0Y0R90. N2G0G90X6.58Y-1.4625 N6Z0.3...
  6. Whysosharp

    Sourcing 430F stainless steel

    Hey All, Just as the title implies I'm having a tremendously difficult time sourcing .75" thick 430F plate stock. Anyone have any leads or perchance a giant sheet just laying about? All the people I've called tell me I need to buy a mill run and that's not gonna happen.:scratchchin:
  7. Whysosharp

    Way OT - Labor and Delivery

    Hey All, The wife and I are in labor and delivery awaiting the arrival of our first son. I wanted to share with you great folk. Maybe he will be the 4th Generation of Jurmans in manufacturing one can hope!
  8. Whysosharp

    Milling 301 With 2mm Rad Inserts

    Hey all, I have quite the issue. I'm trying to square up some .125 thick plates by stacking 4 next to each other and taking a cut on the top. I'm using a Mitsubishi 1" 4FL indexable with the proper insert grade and a 2mm nose radius. I initially used air blast but found that chips were...
  9. Whysosharp

    Slotting in 90% Tungsten

    Hey all, So we are trying to machine a 2mm wide slot in a .027 thk tungsten plate. The slot is thru. We are blasting coolant feeding slow at .8ipm and 6500rpm but our endmills just keep nuking themselves. We're have the clamped down to fixture plate so I can't see the part moving or...
  10. Whysosharp

    Drilling Mild steel Weldments

    Hey All, I'm trying to drill through a steel weldment. The part looks like a C but the two sides are perpendicular and flat. The hole is .735 thru both sides so i'm drilling the first leg thru then traveling down 6.4" to drill the next leg thru. When I got to the second leg my drill point...
  11. Whysosharp

    Machining Grade 2 Babbitt

    Hey everyone, So yesterday a job came in that requires the machining of some Babbitt. How should I go about it particularly what types of tools and a general idea of how it cuts would be great. I'm always up for throwing some on a BP but would like to have an idea of what I'm in for. Thanks all
  12. Whysosharp

    The trouble with 316L

    Hey everyone, I'm working on a part that is 316L SS I rough everything down to .01-.015 a side to finish. The part has a radius on one side and opposite that is just cut square. When I go to profile the part my finish tool (4fl carbide) chatters as it enters the cut on the radius but then...
  13. Whysosharp

    Need tool suggestions for removing Teflon coating

    Hey Everybody, We have a job that we do every couple of months that involves being coated with Teflon and then removing it from certain features. Masking these features isn't cost effective and is difficult for our vendor so we re-cut them after. I was wondering if any one knows of a good...
  14. Whysosharp

    Shellmill issues. The meaning of true happiness.

    Hey Everybody, Basically what the thread title implies. Today the new guy smashed up one of our shellmills. There are two insert pockets that were affected. Both of which have destroyed seats and sheared screws stuck in them from where the inserts used to be. I was wondering if anyone has...