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    D1-6 Lathe Chucks for Sale (8”, 10”, 15” 3-Jaw) (15” 4-Jaw)

    I’m interested in the Buck 8” and Buck 10”. Now to just figure out how to get Ohio within a short drive of California… I’m sending you a message
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    Hardinge HLV-H-EM completely rebuilt from the ground up!

    I emailed the Craigslist seller and he asked if I could leave a deposit! I replied: “A deposit to look at it and get pictures and info/details?” His response was: “Yes” I’ve never been asked for a deposit to get info/pics//details and to go look at a machine. Very suspect!
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    Hardinge HLV-H-EM completely rebuilt from the ground up!

    I agree. I messaged CaryC about that likely scam Craigslist ad back on June 16, but never heard back. For some reason Tapatalk doesn’t find/show this thread. Tapatalk is really pretty bad, but it makes pictures easier.
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    Dynapath 20 Troubleshooting!!!!

    Each leg is 120V? With respect to what? The control is single phase, not 3 phase. If you’re using a rotary phase converter, use the 2 line legs to the control, which is single phase, not 3ph... Do not use the wild/generated leg to the control power. I also have 2 fully populated Dynapath...
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    1957 10ee parts/machine for sale!

    I messaged you.
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    1957 10ee parts/machine for sale!

    Your mailbox is full. I am interested in some things. Thanks!
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    Scammer alert

    Mebfab’s and Admin5’s inboxes are full, so I can’t send this to them. Soon after I posted my WTB: Aloris CA toolpost and holders ad, I was contacted by parkerchris235, who is pretty obviously trying to scam me. I’m 99.99% sure this parkerchris235 person is a scammer trying to rip me off...
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    WTB: Aloris CA toolpost and holders

    I live in Napa, but regularly go down to the South Bay.
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    WTB: Aloris CA toolpost and holders

    I am looking to buy an Aloris CA or CA-I (or Dorian QITP40 or SD40CA) toolpost and holders. Ok with elbow grease projects, but must be able to end up in good working condition. Please send pics and details of what you have and asking price. Can pay cash/check/PayPal or trade for other goodies
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    Craigslist funny time!

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    Mill-turn 5 axis machine recommendations?

    I have read lots of bad things here about Haas and their quality, service and fees/charging.
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    Mill-turn 5 axis machine recommendations?

    Interesting. I am seeing some used Integrex 5 axis machines on ebay in the right ballpark.
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    Summit 14x40B

    Nice looking lathe! That had to be a pricey transportation bill…
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    Mill-turn 5 axis machine recommendations?

    My friend is interested in getting a mill-turn 5 axis machine and is looking for recommendations. His budget is up to $50K, so probably talking used machines. I know some people really like their Mazak Integrex machines. He’s used to writing straight up G-code on older Bridgeport DX controls...
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    Hardinge HC Chucker variable RPM quit

    Turn the jackscrew by hand until it is closer to the middle. Put your speed pots on the control towards the middle of their range as well. If you can’t turn it by hand, put 2-3 wraps of cloth around it and use a channel lock to gently persuade it. Be certain you are going in the right...
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    Fs ab vfd

    Interested. PM sent.
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    WTB: Axelson Lathe...

    I saw an Axelson show up on Crapbook marketplace in Santa Rosa, California Log into Facebook
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    Dynapath Delta Pendant w/CRT Display

    Bump. It’s in good condition. Includes the display. No screen burn in.