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  1. mhajicek

    how do people make those super sharp corners on molds?

    Look at the top edge, where it overlaps the floor fillet. It's obviously a boss / outside corner. That said, you'd really have to work at it to get the geometry on the left by "accident", unless maybe this is a super tiny feature, maybe .050" across.
  2. mhajicek

    Mastercam Default plane creation in Mill turn

    IME a good post will modify planes to a useable solution.
  3. mhajicek

    Stable Aluminum by supplier.

    You can get it stress relieved (aluminum, plastic, or basically anything), but that adds lead time and cost. I'd had success having acetal stress relieved for critical thin parts.
  4. mhajicek

    Advice needed on buying a new or used Tormach CNC Mill

    Tapping and most deburring should be done by the machine.
  5. mhajicek

    Combining programs

    I only use N numbers at toolchanges. In addition to making the programs considerably smaller, it makes it much easier to edit if needed, and to search in the program. That said, if you use the M98, the line numbers don't need to be changed.
  6. mhajicek

    Combining programs

    Or, use an M98 at the end of the first to call the second.
  7. mhajicek

    Advice for a younger generation.

    I'm going to disagree with you on that one. If you have the skills, and people know you have the skills, the work will come. No salesmanship needed.
  8. mhajicek

    Tool holder pull studs. How often do you replace? Have you ever had one fail?

    Which spindle taper, and how hard do you run? 30 taper studs are under-engineered and prone to failure.
  9. mhajicek

    Advice for a younger generation.

    Running a machining business is a competitive endeavor. If you don't already have the skills, you won't be able to compete, unless you get extremely lucky. So first, work on developing the skills. Tech school, entry level machining jobs, or hobby machining while keeping your day job. Trying...
  10. mhajicek

    How do YOU avoid collisions and crashes?

    I'll sometimes single block until the tool is in the cut, more often just 25% rapid while hovering over the feed hold and keeping an eye on distance to go. Can't slow down and "prove out" every program when doing prototypes and short runs or I'd never make any money. Once the tool is in the...
  11. mhajicek

    New Haas UMC 350 Models Coming Out Soon

    If you want to get your feet wet in 5 axis and don't have enough parts lined up to keep a 5 axis busy yet, just get a VF or VM and slap a trunnion on it. You get a platform that's mature and debugged, as opposed to being a beta tester. Plus you have a bunch of 3 axis table space for 3 axis...
  12. mhajicek

    New Haas UMC 350 Models Coming Out Soon

    I had a TRT160Y on a VF-3SS for six years, and with dynamic roughing Ti with a 1/2" 7 flute at Helical's recommended parameters the trunnion would move a bit over time unless I used eight of those clamps tightened with cheater bars. I also had to put two strips of .010" shim under the edges...
  13. mhajicek

    Advice needed on buying a new or used Tormach CNC Mill

    I watched a Tormach struggling to take baby cuts in aluminum. It was screeching like a banshee just taking a .100" x .100" cut with a half inch endmill. Surface finish was crap, and the guy couldn't hold a tolerance. I think he was feeding at about 10 IPM. I'd rather cut parts freehand. If...
  14. mhajicek

    How close do you rapid?

  15. mhajicek

    New Haas UMC 350 Models Coming Out Soon

    In that example, why not clamp that whole array of parts with uniforce clamps and machine the whole pallet in place, saving toolchanges and part transfer? There's two pallets, so you can reload one while he other is running.
  16. mhajicek

    How close do you rapid?

    In general, an average lathe will have a lot more energy involved in a crash than an average mill. I heard one half a shop away through a few walls that shook the whole building; felt like a bomb went off.
  17. mhajicek

    New Haas UMC 350 Models Coming Out Soon

    They seem to be spending all their resources coming up with new machine models instead of refining the ones they've got. Throw it all at the wall and see what sticks.
  18. mhajicek

    Slow-turning lathe+Mill for patterning a helicoidal groove around a cylinder

    A 4 axis CNC mill. How many of these do you intend to do? Don't buy a machine just to make a few parts; bring the job to someone who has the machine and knows how to do it; it will cost much less and turn out far better. What you describe should be very simple and easy for a professional.
  19. mhajicek

    Vice jaw

    Also consider using a torque wrench to tighten it, so it's always consistent. Otherwise, when you tighten it more it will move more.