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    Ex-Cell-O 602

    Doug H: Glad that everything seems to be going well, Does your machine have Bijur oil fittings ? If so, remember that these are metering devices. That is to say that each one needs to tested. This is done simply by removing them from the machine and re-attaching them to the oil line where they...
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    Ex-Cell-O 602

    Doug H : Since you have had some luck thus far, I would recommend that you pu;ll the table off and check and clean lubrication points. That may have been the original problem. I have an old X-Cello 602 and like it. It is my #2 mill, since I also have a 10X50 that I bought new. I particularly...
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    Is this a Kennedy Tool Box?

    My original box (apprenticeshio) is a Craftsman (like Thermites) in the grey hammertone finish. I was told that Union made them for Sears. JH
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    Please help identify this tool

    What makes anyone think that it is a tool? I think it is merely a part of God only knows what. JH
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    Can a 1/2 pitch in 1" Thread be Cut?

    That isn't a thread, but a helix. JH
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    Do all ml bandsaw wiring

    How many leads come out of the windings. If only three, you may be out of luck. I bought a Cincinnati Monoset cutter grinder that had the 1/4HP motor that would run on 440 V only. There were only three leads coming out of the windings. Rather than fool with a transformer, I had the windings...
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    How did the term "lathe shears" come about??

    JoeE: I always heard it pronounced (plow SHARES). JH
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    Monarch Engine Lathe 18.5”x30

    cmtb1250: Have you not read the stickies at the top of this sub-forum. JH
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    Alignement Pins for Gap Plug on Gap bed lathe

    Tbasque: There should be a set of taper pins with that machine. Ask the original owner about them. If a bit of searching is done, they may be found. Are the pin holes tapered? When I remove the gap plug on my South Bend Nordick, I have to clean the gap meticulously before reinstalling. The pins...
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    Lapped barrel finish?

    I find this thread very interesting which brings up another question. Can a profilometer be utilized in the quest for an improved barrel surface? JH
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    Age of Smith & Mills Shaper and some pictures

    Tailstock4: I was interested to find your posting of your Smith & Mills shaper. I have an much older 16" Smith & Mills shaper. I do not know just how old mine is but it is an old line shaft machine that has been converted. Mine does show some patent dates on the side of the machine, 1893 or near...
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    New to me Vintage Clausing Colchester Lathe Questions

    TTmotorsports: Contact the Clausing dealer in Kalamazoo, Mi. They can tell you what year you have from the serial number. I contacted them years ago when I bought a 13 x 36 Clausing/Colchester. You may be able to obtain a parts manual for it. Good luck. JH
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    Vectrax gs20v cnc mill. Help

    One thing that is detrimental to electronic controls is to be operated in an un-airconditioned environment. Thirty years is also getting long in the tooth for electronics. They will live longer if a cooler is attached to the control box. JH
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    How to hold thin Al sheet for milling shapes?

    I have done a bit of this type of work and had good luck by using double sided masking tape by 3M. Put the whole sheet down on another flat surface and run the the first pass almost full depth, leaving about .010 to hold everything in place, then run second pass full depth. Works every time for...
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    Dutch AR10 lower receiver project

    HHollow: When thinking about hooking up to the 3 phase power you referred to, be prepared for a shock. Usually, connecting to 3 phase is an expensive proposition. You will be connected to a commercial rate and even if only 200 feet away, will probably be a very expensive deal. You may want to...
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    Best oil for fluid flywheel (fluid coupling)

    I remember back in the late fifties, working in a service station, when a customer had us change the oil in the transmission of his late 40s' Dodge or DeSoto and specified 10 wt. non-detergent oil for the transmission and fluid drive. Ah, the good old days when it was only straight detergent or...
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    Anyine recognize this drill press?

    Yeah, it's a Leland-Gifford. They were intended for production runs. The one I had was a variable speed by turning the dial on the front. If memory serves, the variable drive run in oil. JH
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    Kalamazoo belt sander

    I have an old 2 x 48" Kalamazoo belt sander that I bought as a basket case. Had to make a new drive wheel, but after that, it works great. It came with no belt guards and that has not been a problem. Good luck. JH
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    16" G&E Shaper for sale about 40 Minutes north of Syracuse NY

    What is the price? I don't do Facebook. JH
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    OT: Plumbing question and observations?

    I plumbed my house (hot & cold) with cpvc, 45 years ago. So far, no problems. Would probably do it again if needed. Only problems with water was a couple of water heaters that wore out. On the valves that wouldn't turn after years of no activity, I occasionally will apply petroleum jelly to the...