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    Northern Hardness Tester how to calibrate

    Please tell me how to calibrate a Northern Hardness Tester circa 50's-60's so that the tester reading indicates test block specification. Thank you
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    Mekco Gage, how to use

    Hello, From what I can find this (Mekco Gage) is a thread gage. Please tell me how to use it. Thanks, Earl
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    Hello, Given up finding a steady rest for K&T model H dividing head & made a couple. Used information from the ever helpful ramsay1's Yahoo Group KTMilwaukee: Yahoo Groups Located in the files section under Mod K accessories. Thanks Mike. One each for a 10" & 8" head. Regards, Earl
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    Unkown (to me) type of collet #4 Morse internal taper

    Hello, Got this collet with some tooling & have not been able to figure out what it is for, marked & checks out #4 Morse internal taper: Free to anyone who can use it. Regards: Earl
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    Crystal Lake grinder rescue

    Hello, Some years ago we were given this Crystal lake grinder: Recently completed work on it mainly cleaning up, making new dead center pulley & bushing, using grinder to true up the spindle that the bushing runs on, & making replacements for missing table extensions: Can anyone tell...
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    Broaching K&T internal spline with keyway broach

    Hello, As suggested by several on the forum, tried making a bushing to broach 1" - 6 internal spline for missing crank on a model H dividing head using a C 1/4" keyway broach. It dosen't leave a lot of metal in the bushing, but seemed to work ok. The small keyway is for locating the bushing...
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    Wanted: 1.25" OD x 1.87" ID brass tube

    Hello, I am looking for 1.25" OD x 1.187" ID brass tube at least 8" long. To be used for rebuild project on K&T mill telescoping coolant return tubes. Have not been able to find from small quantity metal suppliers such as Speedy Metals, etc. Thank you, Earl
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    K&T Model 2H telescoping coolant return tube assembly rebuild questions

    Hello, We have a K&T Model 2H mill with coolant return assembly that only has the inner & outer tubes that are attached to the elbows. Question: Does the original tube assembly have 3 tubes counting the ones attached to the elbows, as shown in the parts manual? Or are there 4? If there...
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    WTB: K&T 2H telescoping tubes

    Hello, Looking for WWII era K&T 2H universal telescoping cutting oil return tubes with or without elbows and table feed shaft rear telescoping cover tubes. Thank you, Earl
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    K&T #2 plain (?) on Chicago craigslist

    Hello, Saw this on Chicago craigslist: Milwaukee #2 Plain 4 Milling Machine Mundelien is north suburb. $400. Thought someone might be interested. Pretty small photo. Regards, Earl
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    Unhardened HS endmill

    Hello, Have you ever seen this? Somehow this endmill missed getting heat treated. Cut easily with a hacksaw. Regards, Earl
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    Ralmike's "Sineline" questions

    Hello, Included with some tooling bought from a friend who has since passed away was a Ralmike's Sineline, model 069-400. A search did not turn up anything. Can anyone tell me how it is used? Possibly between centers in a lathe to accurately set the compound to cut a taper, as both ends...