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  1. henrya

    Neoprene corner protectors source?

    I have an aluminum tank that needs to be mounted in a frame to hold it in place. I want some "corners" that would look like the metal corners on a wooden toolbox but hard rubber about 1/8 to 1/4". I plan to mount them permanently with epoxy. They would look something like these table corner...
  2. henrya

    Round head Hex drive M8 or 3/8 2 or 2 1/2 long partial thread stainless?

    As the title says the usual sources don’t have these do you have any suggestions about where I might find some? TIA
  3. henrya

    WTB: Aluminum bar 2.5 X 3 X 5 inches

    I need 2 pieces 2.5x3x5 inches or a piece(s)I can cut that dimension from. Its for some clamps that bolt together. Not a critical part, nor heavily loaded. 6061 would be good. Does anyone have some you’d part with? Thanks
  4. henrya

    Painting a lead weight?

    I’m making a lead weight for a piece of equipment that will mostly stay outdoors. Pouring the weight is no big deal, I have that covered. The poured finish will be pretty smooth - plenty smooth enough to paint. Its gonna look like a round top muffin or cake about 12” across and about 3” thick. I...
  5. henrya

    Refinish aluminum saw table?

    I've had this little Swiss made table saw for 30 plus years and its given excellent service. As you can see in the attached photo, the anodized finish is wearing off. I'd like to refinish it. I suspect that re-anodizing is out of the question given the unknown alloy and old finish to be...
  6. henrya

    OT: Suitable aluminum for bending and forming for boat trailer side board brackets

    I want to add some side boards or bunks to my bolt together i-beam aluminum trailer. Its for a 16' boat, so not especially heavy duty. Currently the trailer has guide poles at the rear. I'd like instead to have side bunks to guide the boat on. In still water what is there now is fine, but with...
  7. henrya

    OT: Tell me about Yanmar tractors

    Looking at 25-30 hp tractors like the ST series from Yanmar. Also looked at Deere and Kubota. They are pretty pricey. Yanmars run a good bit less. What’s the story on Yanmars of the last 5 or 10 years?
  8. henrya

    Wiring chase/lighting hanger?

    I have a metal building that I will install lighting and receptacles in. I will also have it spray foam insulated after that is done. The building is a quonset hut type construction, with metal panels bolted together. I can use those bolts to mount to. I’d like to come up with some kind of...
  9. henrya

    OT — Truck tires.

    Almost time for new shoes for my F150 Super Crew 4wd. I’d like something with some off road ability and still quiet on the road. A unicorn for sure. Thinking of Bridgestone AT Revo 3, Faulken AT3W, Firestone Destination, Goodyear something? Open to your informed suggestions.
  10. henrya

    New shop split unit ductless BTU calculation?

    Moving to new shop. Lathe, mill and handwork. 20 X 20 with 12 foot ceiling. Well insulated. I can put a ductless unit through the wall. The various online calculators tell me about 18,000 BTUs. Does this sound right? I am ignorant in this field and would like to get it right the first try...
  11. henrya

    For Sale: Yuasa XY and rotating table 7.5"

    This is a Yuasa XY table that I have used mounted to a drill press for locating hole positions. Model 555 -005, (as best as I can read the tiny tag) made in Japan. I've had it since brand new, perhaps 30 years. The table is 7.5 X 7.5 inches and from the mounting plate the table top is about 4.5"...
  12. henrya

    A part suitable for one of you CNC router guys?

    I have a prototype product design that might be suitable for small production router manufacturing. I have no expectation of you working for free or getting paid later after the product is a blazing success and I am a millionaire. If you are interested, please send me a message and we can look...
  13. henrya

    Air dried wood demand?

    I have a good bit of air dried wood that I don't need. Its from my little hobby chainsaw mill operation. Its all flitch cut with live edges. 6/4 to 12/4 thick, mostly 9ish feet long, some shorter. White oak, poplar, cherry, swamp maple, sycamore, some spalty short silver maple. Lots of live edge...
  14. henrya

    Suggestion for smallish metal cutting bandsaw?

    I’d like to buy a small vertical metal cutting bandsaw. NOT a power bandsaw or portaband. I seldom work on things bigger than can be held in one hand and if I do I have a bigger saw (one of those that can’t be mentioned here because of its antique nature). Maybe about a 4” cutting capacity...
  15. henrya

    Where to find HDPE or similar tube around 1.75 OD?

    I want to make an overflow catch bottle for a motorcycle. I’d like it to be long and narrow. I think somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.75 X 12 inches will work for my needs. It does not have to be HDPE but does need to withstand hot coolant overflow from the radiator. Commercially made bottles...
  16. henrya

    Free for shipping - Teco 7300 -dead

    There was a loud pop and a flash of light! Upon visual inspection, I found no obvious damage, but its dead. I bought a newer version, the N3, and have the machine running again. On the off chance that one of you electronics nerds can or might want to try to repair this I’m posting it here...
  17. henrya

    OT: 100 year old elevators keep running

    Riding a Time Capsule to Apartment 8G - The New York Times “There's relay failure, the pins wear out, the housing, the contacts wear out, the carbons wear out, the car switch - same thing," he said. "The traveling cables, they get brittle over years. The door locks, door contacts - everything...
  18. henrya

    Calculating or laying out a segment of a circle for trunnion part.

    I have a belt/disk sander with broken table trunnions. The parts that are broken are what I will call the female halves. These parts bolt to the body of the machine and have a groove to fit the male part of the trunnion that is bolted to the table and holes for attachment and for clamping. I...
  19. henrya

    Plywood with thicker hardwood veneer faces

    Is there such a thing as plywood with thicker veneer faces? 20 years ago it seemed there was sufficient thickness for careful work methods to produce a nice result. These days it seems that the sheets can barely stand a moderate sanding without blowing through the veneer,and ruining the job...
  20. henrya

    I want to make a truck topper

    Yes really and I know that I could just buy one but I've done that before and I think I can make something better. What's holding up my decision to start is the plan for the windows. It seems there should be some boat building techniques and methods that would fit my needs. Or maybe something...