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    Wire EDM for the Home Shop

    The Hansvedt Series of Wire EDM's are priced right for the DIY home hobby shop. The demos I see on youtube are single cutting motion at a time. (ie x then y). Is this machine capable of cutting small spur gears or do I need a full CNC Wire EDM? If this machine won't work, are there any others...
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    Dedtru Model C Manual needed

    Does anyone have an setup/operators manual for a Dedtru Model C. Thank you.
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    Jet Lathe vs Hardinge (Amateurs question)

    I have a new model Jet Lathe 13 x 40 and it does a great job for most of the work I do. While dialing the the tailstock from front to back (x axis) is easy and accurate. In order to align the tailstock Up/down, so that a reamer goes in perfectly straight I would need to shim the back of the...
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    Problems threading Rossi 410 barrel for choke

    I have done a TON of choke installation. I have run into the first of its kind. Rossi 3" 410 Barrel fixed choke. During Reaming of barrel 40 RPM Plenty of Tacki Lube, same as always. Hand hold barrel while reamer held by 4 jaw and back of barrel held by mandrel in live center. During...
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    Looking for recommendation, RAM EDM, Barrel Porting

    I am wanting a machine to port barrels. All this work is very small with maximum ram distance of less than .25 inches in either chrome molly or Stainless Steel. I was thinking of a bench top ram edm. Does anyone have a recommendation of which one I should look for, considering ease of use...
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    making a Reamer Pilot

    I am attempting to make small brass pilots for a gun reamer. I haven't been able to get these small things any better than .0015-0.003" of RO. on my lathe. A tool post grinder and Harig Grind all is available to me. Can anyone give me some advice on how they would do this type of...
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    RAM EDM equivalent to Fadal VMC

    The Fadal VMC is known to have plenty of spare parts and a bunch of knowledgeable people out here to help support these older machines. Is there RAM EDM Equivalent. I am looking for a lower cost simple machine for the sole purpose of porting barrels. Thank you.
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    Gun Barrel Porting - RAM EDM

    Will a 20amp sinker work porting rifle barrels? I am surmising that a RAM EDM would do a much better job porting a barrel than my VMC. My shop is a job shop. I was trying to find an opinion on the size of EDM, a used machine, lower dollar, that is still maintainable (like a Fadal VMC)...
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    Buy equipment now and figure out what to do?

    I have a unique situation. I have just sold a business, not machining, and have set myself up to where I don't have to worry much. I have a spare cash sitting around and was considering purchasing middle of the road CNC Machines (HAAS Super Mini Mill and comparable sized HAAS Lathe). Note: My...
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    CNC Consultant for used vmc machine buy

    I currently own a Tormach 770, nice machine and customer support is perfect (I got what I paid for and am happy with the purchase). However, its slow and not really a great performer on task such as drilling, tapping, steel (all the things that hp would help). My use for this machine is...
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    Model Engine Machine Question - if its allowed in this forum

    Here is the plans for a Webster engine crank. are these parts press fit or made out of one piece of CRS. I appreciate your time.
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    OD Turning

    I have several shafts that I want to use to make buffers. I have attempted to reduce their diameter from .9 to .625". Was going to turn them down. These shafts are currently 30 inches long. They chattered bad (even with steady rest) I couldn't get a good finish. I do have a tool post grinder...
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    Lathe Tooling

    Here is my lathe. I am currently using HSS, but feel I would get a nicer finish with inserts. Can you suggest that an initial set up of inserts for general applications. I will doing aluminum and O1,S7 annealed tool steel. Thank you.
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    tooling for Knee Mill

    I just picked up a 3hp vertical mill, no tooling. My question: When it comes to mill holders I can hold it via R8 Collets or end mill holder or ER32 or ER50 etc. I am assuming, there is this many choices for a reason. What dictates what tool holder I use? Thank you in advance for you advice.
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    What is this

    Any idea what this tool is?
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    Bandsaw Cutting Square

    I have a Johnson J Series band saw. The blade is tight and the guides are close to the metal being cut 5" CRS. Each time I cut, the blade does not cut square and results in this type of cut. What am I doing wrong?
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    Newbie, machining technique

    attached is a pic and half the drawing dimensions for a webster engine fly wheel. my available tools are a 14" Southbend and a Tormach 770, Future purchases is a Bridgeport Style Milling machine The specifications for this part dictate that its made of CRS (no alloy specification). My...
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    Southbend 14 chuck

    I purchased this lathe without a chuck. The southbend chuck I purchased does not fit over the current lathe. I think there is a fitting installed on the lathe that is removable. Any idea if it does and how to do it?
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    Flood coolant

    Anyone have a suggestion for a liquid product for flood coolant system for a small cnc mill.
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    tailstock bolt size

    I picked up a southbend 14. It is missing the bolt that anchors the tailstock. Does anyone know the specification of that bolt? Thanks for any help you can provide. H