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    3" slitting saw, 1/4" thick, with 3/4" dia flush arbor?

    I need to make a circular slot that has a 1.5" radius. Tough part is that I can't reach deep enough into the cut if the shaft is bigger than 3/4". So I think that means I need a blade with a 1/2" diameter hole. Unobtanium?? I dont want to pay $300 for a custom blade from harvey as this is a...
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    practical manual 4th axis/indexing for several parts at once?

    So I am working on a project where there is a part about the size of a paperback. It has several holes and other geometries that would require several angled setups, although thankfully, it would only need to be rotated around one axis. This makes me think I could make a simple indexing jig...
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    Whats the most impressive non-CNC fixture or operation you've seen?

    I'm talking things like: a) drill press fixtures that go above and beyond (i.e. making multiple holes at different angles quickly using a fixture that precisely locates at certain positions) b) fixtures that use a bench grinder to do something impressive c) basically anything that uses a...
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    VMC enclosure..dreaming of an easy repaint option...help

    KIWA 510 I have the enclosure completely disassembled (had to for moving and fixing the machine anyway) Now the mill itself is up and running great. Strangely turns out the spot I put the machine in the garage also has room for the enclosure to be installed as-is!! What!! This means I am only...
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    how does umbrella atc with "shift lever" work?

    I'm only used to working on an ATC that had a geneva drive and air piston to move the whole thing under the spindle. It had no other locking mechanism. Just an electric motor and a single air piston. This KIWA excel 510 has an umbrella drive..but some differences I am not used to. There...
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    Kiwa Excel 510 : Z axis ballnut seized!

    Kiwa Excel 510 The machine was sitting outside for about 10 months. I had it under a tarp, but I had the Z motor taken off. A few days ago I decided to bring the machine inside and begin its TLC process. When I had shut it down 10 months ago X, Y, and Z axis jogged fine. Now the Z axis...
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    Reverse engineered a circuit board

    This is a BTR / RS232 to tape reader converter board out of a Mori Seiki SL1 lathe w/ Yasnac 2000GII controller. It was made by an out-of-business company in the 90's. I decided to see if I could make a copy of it given that they are somewhat rare and I know several people who would...
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    parts manual for mori seiki SL1 lathe?

    Anyone have a parts manual for a Mori Seiki SL1? Im trying to figure out how the door assembly works, I think mine is missing parts. Would really appreciate a snapshot of the door exploded view. A manual for an SL2 or SL3 might still be useful. Thanks in advance!
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    Pre-filters, to sock or not to sock?

    Japax LU3B edm machine...has 4 unpressurized "pre filters" and two pressurized. The pre-filters normally come with socks from the main reseller out there, but I'm wondering how much of a necessity that is. I think the socks prevent the sludge from caking into the filter material, like a metal...