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    Agie 100 with alarms

    Hello Everyone, I have a Agie 100 (1987) with some alarms on screen that I'm lost trying to fix it, the machine is presenting alarms 241 (ventilation system out of action) - according to manual need to check the air pressure measuring device, 343 (-5V supply not ok) and 345( Temperature on...
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    Remote mode on Agie 200D

    Hello everybody, I have a doubt that I think that is not so easy to answer, looking at the screen options of my machine an Agie 200D I saw an option that is a REMOTE MODE, what is it? is a way to control the machine using the serial port communication? When I try to use this function the...
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    How to load the program on old AGIE 100?

    Hello Guys, I need your help in a "simple" question, how I can load a software on old Agie 100? I bought one to be repaired (the monitor is damaged and one water pump is missing). and I'm trying to found a monitor to replace the original but I have this doubt about the process to load a program...
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    Buying a "new" machine Agie 100 (1987)

    Buying a "new" machine Agie 100 (1987) Hello everybody, I have a Agie 200D that I use to cut steel for stamp press die mold (automotive industries). but now I found another machine to buy in my city (Belo Horizonte, Brazil) that the price is really cheap for the Brazilian market ($ 2400 USD)...
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    Agie 200D with strange behavior !!!

    Hello Everybody, My name is Clayton and I'm from Brazil, I have a Agie 200D +SF and my machine started to present a strange behavior, when I try to cut using Mode 6 the machine present short circuit error even before the wire be close to the workpiece. When I use mode 5 the machine start to cut...