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    Reworking Savage Barrel and Chamber

    I've got a 243 Savage barrel with a gouge in the chamber. I was able to polish the burs out of it. However the gouge is deep enough it hinders extraction considerably. The barrel has a target block mounted for a target scope, which I use. I think my next move is to deepen the chamber. To...
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    Hobart Cyber Tig - CT300 Anyone have a manual?

    I've had one of these for a couple of years and have used it for a stick machine. Looking to try and start tig-ing with it. Does anyone have a user's manual for this ancient beast? I'm trying to make sure I know what all the "flippy switches" do. Thanks very much.
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    Pony Motor Question - 25 HP RPC

    As part of a deal on a compressor, I picked up the phase converter that the guy had. I've gone thru the sticky and come up with a wiring diagram I like, but still have a pony motor question. Are you guys letting your pony motors spin after starting? That is to say - driven by the idler? Does...