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    ISO- Machine shop around Toronto (large turning capability)

    Hi all, Looking for a shop around the GTA (100KM driving radius), for some semi-frequent turning and assembly work for pump and blower shaft assemblies. Mostly looking at “long” shafts 60”-110” and anywhere from 20”-46” in diameter. Work typically includes shaft rework, new shaft turning...
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    Pump Bearing-Scraping help

    Hello all, Thanks for all the various replies, it’s much appreciated, and on my end I’m sorry for the delayed response. I got shipped off to a shutdown for a few weeks, and then all of a sudden COVID-19 put a stop to everything and I’m only getting back to this project now. Richard- I don’t...
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    Pump Bearing-Scraping help

    Hello all, I’ve been a long time reader and finally decided to take the plunge and post. Some background on me, I began my career as a machinist (manual and basic CNC) and spent 5 years in the trade....barely scratched the surface?!?? I then had the opportunity to apprentice as a millwright...