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    What CAM systems incorporate Chip Thinning into their feedrate calculations?

    One thing that's bugged me over the years is that I have yet to see a CAM system incorporate Chip Thinning into their Feed/Speed parameter settings. Is there an explanation to why that is? It seems like a concept that's been around a very long time and adding to that, high speed or dynamic tool...
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    HyperMill Multi User File Management

    I was curious to know how other Hypermill users out there who have multiple networked programmers organize and manage shared files. i.e. Posts, Templates, Part/CAM files, Tool Database, etc.. What do you share or don't share? Do you store the hmc auxilary files(POF/STL/OMX) with the CAD? Or do...
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    Ethernet Transfer Speed Slow on newer machine.

    We have a 2017 ST30Y(non-NGC control) and the network file trasnfer speed is really slow, takes 10 seconds for even the smallest files. Our 2009 VM3 and VF5 have no issues and are nice and fast, drag n drop and done. All machines are hooked up to the same network. Been scratching my head on this...
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    Who uses a G07 Helix syntax like this?

    I'm working on a post for our Southwestern Industries Trak Mill, and working post from another CAM system outputs a helix in this format. N8 Z.1 N9 G01 X.1 F20. N10 G07 X-.1 Z.05 I-.1 J0 K0. D.5 N11 G07 X.1 Z0 I.1 J0 K0. D.5 N12 G07 X-.1 Z-.05 I-.1 J0 K0. D.5 N13 G07 X.1 Z-.1 I.1 J0 K0. D.5 N14...
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    Anyone program contours with NURBS?

    I'd like to know more about how this works as it seems that you need a post that can output NURBS geometery or movements based on them. For Fanuc, this is a G6.2. I understand that it essentially replaces line-arc movements with splines, but that's where my knowledge ends. How does one actually...
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    What non-standard machine functions are your favorites? i.e. VFC, AICC, Smoothing

    Machine controls are getting quite advanced these days and so are the functions with them. I'm curious at what you've found to be some of your favorite Control Features/Functions that make machining better, faster, satisfying, and more simple. I get the feeling that most shops don't utilize...
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    Effective ways to dial in live tools on slant bed lathes?

    We have a Haas ST30Y and my experience with lathes isn't much better than mediocre. I've made and programmed some cools stuff, but now I have a part where I need every bit of accuracy I can get. While the tool setter can set X and Z, what are some proper methods for dialing in Y for live tools...
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    Front Turret Lathe and G2/G3 Reversal?

    Hi everyone, We have a Trak Lathe 1630 SMX control CNC. It appears that we need to swap G2 and G3 for proper code output regarding arcs. It's almost as if it is utilizing a left handed coordinate system rather than right. So, having X+ point towards the operator and Z+ points away from the...
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    To compensate or not to compensate, that is the question. (Tool Dia compensation)

    I was curious as to how your shop operates with regards to programming at center path or with diameter comp. Do you comp diameter at the machine or do you only comp for wear?
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    Fanuc rapid smoothing for small 5 axis steps?

    Hey all, We have a 5axis head-head router by Onsrud and our CAM software has some pretty trick 5x rapid moves that shorten and hug movements closer to the part when switching between working planes. For example, if you have 2 holes to spot drill but they are on faces 90 degrees to one another...
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    Haas ST30Y 4 axis simultaneous... is it possible with XYZ and C?

    Hey everyone, I have a unique part I'm working on and would like to not have to do a 2nd op in our 5x mill. Essentially, I need to do a swarf mill on a feature that is wrapped around the part. The walls are perpindicular to the turning axis(Z), but there are sections where the wall is inline...
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    What's your CAM system and your thoughts about it?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently evaluating different CAM systems to potentially replace our current one, CamWorks. I've checked out Mastercam, Edgecam, a little bit of Hypermill, NX, and Esprit. Without really getting into my needs, I want to hear about what CAM system you have and the things you...