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    Best trick to adjust lathe serrated jaws quickly?

    Hi, I have been wondering how the professionals handle adjusting the CNC jaws which have serrated back edges for locking. There is no position indicators on my jaws and it often takes about 4 tries before they are in a correct spot when changing the diameters of stock. Do you have some sort of...
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    Brother TC-S2B tool length auto measure device

    Hi, I tried to install a generic tool length measurement sensor to this old CNC mill, but ran into problems with the routines attempting to open the device pneumatic cover (which does not exist) and it throws an error "6249 cover does not open". There is no mention in the installation/user...
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    Problem, toolpaths deviate for every direction change

    Hi, I have run into strange issue with TC2-SB. The toolpath inches inward slightly and uniformly as if it would be doing a spiral shape. The deviation is less than my micrometer can measure but very visible. It seems like for each transition in Y and X axis it applies too many steps inward and...
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    Tutorial, drip feeding Brother TC-S2B

    Hi, I just want to store this guide to the internet archives: How to connect your Brother TC-S2B CNC milling machine to your computer and drip feed files (aka. tape run). There are loads of misinformation regarding the old serial communication aspect, eg. that you cannot use cheap dongles or...
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    Strange G71 behaviour

    Hi, I have old chinese CNC lathe (Washing 320Ti, early 2000) and it has peculiar G-code adoptations (manual is available, but does not offer detailed insight). Particularly strange is G71 without having G70 available at all. Also type II is missing, but that is a minor problem. What happens...
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    New to CNC, G-code practice or straight to Fusion?

    Hi, New hobby machinist calling in. I have some backround with manual lathes and feel very comfortable with them, but i eventually grew tired in its natural limitations (contour shapes, large material removals, threading etc.) so much, that it removed the fun out of it all eventually. So i went...