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    Anyone else having issues with inserting images?

    I've tried a few of my computers to see if it was on my end but I'm not having much luck with any of them. Typically I upload from my computer, now I'm only getting maybe 5% in and it quits uploading.
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    Late 80's CNC 2 Axis lathe - Daewoo Puma 12L vs Mori Seiki SL-6B

    Hi Everyone, I have exponentially more experience with CNC mills and do five axis milling with Deckel Maho machines at this point. We have plenty of larger turning we farm out that we would like to do in-house and have two lathes readily available in storage but only room for one of them. I...
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    Ancient Generic MPGEN5X_MILLPLUS Post

    Hello everyone! I was originally looking for a post in some old software but I figured out I had all I needed already on some really old disks I had laying around. I would delete this thread but do not know how.
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    Philips, Grundig, Millplus Information Collaboration

    Good day to my fellow Deckel Maho/DMG members. I've been collecting as much information as I can in regards to the Philips/Grundig/Millplus control series. This entire family of controls is basically being abandoned by it's parents who both have moved on we are left with an increasing...
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    Phase perfect DPC20 20 HP for sale

    Hi everyone, 20HP Phase perfect for sale, Great shape. These are very hard to find used. Over $5000 new, I'll take $3500 USD. Located in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area, but I can crate and ship if the buyer wishes to cover this expense.
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    Deckel Maho DMU50V translation/english image of travels

    I know this is DMG specific but I need just quick and easy, not really much of a discussion per se. Please see the following: Does anyone have this image in English, or do you speak Japanese and can tell me the values? I'm looking for the 1, XX, YY, ZZ and 5 Values. The rest are easy to come...
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    Feeding a dual voltage transformer with 2 phase perfects?

    Has anyone ever tried using a dual voltage 3 phase transformer to combine phase perfects (PP's) without actually directly connecting their outputs? I'm told the PP can't regen power properly when you directly connect their outputs together and it causes problems on the single phase side of the...
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    Indramat Drive Capacitor replacement

    I have another thread in the DMG forum section about my giant Deckel Maho MC800H restoration ("Contest for the more insane member") but I need some feedback in regards to leakage current and ESR ratings on capacitors and how it may affect the circuit performance if they are outside a certain...
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    Tree UP-1000 Ultra-Precision CNC Lathe

    As the title says, here is my recently personally restored 1984'ish Tree UP-1000. It has a 3J Collet taper right in the spindle (I'm looking for 3J collets if anyone has some they no longer need), as well as a 5C adapter. The spindle is also A2-5 which I picked up an adapter for to use one of my...
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    Daewoo Puma 12L with Fanuc 10TF FAPT Control - Need parameters!

    Well its my turn to ask for help, I am getting ready to go through a Daewoo Puma 12L lathe with a Fanuc 10TF FAPT control I picked up last year. I'm not quite ready to get started but I wanted to back up the parameters just so I don't lose them. Power up the control, learn the hard way that the...
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    Hitachi Seiki VS50 8000/9000 programs needed

    Hi everyone. So in the middle of doing a small parameter change to try to get my data server working (RS 232 contouring toolpath code transfers of 15 min or more is getting old), I managed to severely mess up the control on my Seicos Sigma 18M (Fanuc 18i) control on my Hitachi Seiki VS50-40...
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    Hard to find used! Phase Perfect DPC-20

    Hi everyone, I have a 20HP Phase perfect unit in great shape. They are worth a lot of money new, $5k I think. I'll take $3k (USD) plus shipping (Or you arrange shipping), unit is located here in Calgary, Alberta. I have a forklift and can load into a truck if needed. Regards, Dave
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    Contest for the most insane member (They will be a Maho owner)

    Hi everyone. So I have a few CNC machines, I'm just a guy who has a home based business, so picture a home garage. Machines: 1984 Kitamura Mycenter 1 (10k BT35 spindle, box ways, Fanuc 6MB, runs great) 1999 Hitachi Seiki VS50 (14k Cat40 Spindle, HSK linear ways, Seicos (Fanuc)18i...
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    THK QZ Auto lubricator

    Hi everyone, Been reading this forum for years, decided I would start to contribute and maybe ask a few questions. I'm in the middle of going through my 1999 Hitachi Seiki VS50 (Cat40). It has THK Linear ways on it with the QZ lubricator system on them which is supposed to use capillary action...