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    please help identifying grinding wheel adapter

    I bought a Deckel S1 grinder recently, and with it came these wheel adapters, 4 of them, they don't fit the S1 spindle taper, nor any other piece of kit that came with it, would be great to know what they are for so I could maybe list them on ebay or something, not looking to make money off of...
  2. J

    Heidenhain TNC355, question regarding PLC program

    I have a Micron WF41 cnc mill with said TNC355 control and would like to have a look at the PLC program to make couple modifications regarding tool changer operation (disable it, and all related error messages with it), and the mill came with a full enclosure which was damaged and discarded, so...
  3. J

    help identifying NSK linear guide

    As the title says, the guide is for a Chiron FZ 12 W, made in 1996, it's a traveling column machine, and there is some corrosion damage on Y axis rails, top ball row only, at around last 100mm in Y- direction (towards operator) tried googling for NSK ball linear guides, and the ones I could...
  4. J

    idea about identifying pallets with touch probe on Fanuc 21-M control

    I'm posting this in CNC section, since I think the question is more CNC control related rather than automation/robotics, here goes: Would the following logic be doable on a Fanuc 21-M control, reason for asking is that we haven't bought the machine yet, but the one that would fit the purpose...
  5. J

    Options for replacing 0.01" teflon sheet on HLV-H carriage

    I was googling about the subject but see only old posts and no real definitive solutions. As the topic name suggests, I have a need to replace the teflon sheet under the HLV-H carriage, the dovetail piece looks ok, but the top is scored and around 30% of it has delaminated already and the rest...
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    Fehlmann Picomax 51 CNC 2, reference info, pictures

    Since the other topic was about the manual version - the P50, I thought it would be more appropriate to make a separate topic for this version of the machine, since there are quite a few differences, idea of the thread is to provide some reference material since there seems to be not much about...
  7. J

    Cazeneuve HB 725 opinions

    Hello, a friend of mine is looking for a manual lathe with large spindle bore 70-100mm (3"-4") and small footprint, a bar is going to be fed through the head stock and basically tubes made from 50-60mm stock, 51-52mm spindle bores do not work, since sometimes the stock comes in 55-60mm range...
  8. J

    need help with Wohlhaupter UPA 4s5/2418

    Hello, I was looking around for a larger boring head to add to my tools chest and snatched this one off the fleebay for 1/4 of what I see "normal" Wohlhaupters go for, but this one doesn't quite look like regular Wohlhaupters, also the ad said there are couple defects (a broken MT tang, and a...
  9. J

    Mikron WF41 C mill

    Mikron WF41 C mill info needed Hello, first time poster here. I've been looking for operation and maintenance manual for this machine, but having zero luck finding anything useful at all. I very recently acquired such machine in a non-working condition (was bought via an auction house, so...