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    help the rookie with a lathe fundamental question

    Hey all So amateur hobbyists here with a fundamental lathe question that I have not been able to get answered through good old YouTube surprisingly. I tend to work with a lot of old junk metal for practice. Most times there is a scale on the outside and the part is hardly ever round. I am...
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    Need help picking a machine

    Looking for a lathe to buy I was thinking a monarch series 60 Maybe a 30 or a 54 However , I know me and I’m going to want to chase 10th’s I want to maintain .001 taper over the full length of the bed. Is this possible with an older Machine? I have a fryer easy turn now and I hate the Cnc...
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    Removing a taper

    So I am a hobbyist machinist. I have a piece of stock that I’ve been trying to “fix“ because it has a significant taper to it unfortunately the taper is the entire piece. The workpiece itself the taper is only about 15 or 20 thousands . I was trying to put it in a four jaw And straighten it that...
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    Please help with thread cutting

    So I am trying to learn how to cut some threads. I am using a Siemens 840D controller on a fryer easy turn lathe. I am using the manual thread program. I would like to cut a 1/2 inch 20 thread or 20 threads per inch The thread program only gives me the option of inches/rev or inches / min...
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    Cam Lock Lathes

    Hello all, I am new here and just an amateur hobbyist I have been eyeballing a small hobby lathe and I think I have a decent handle on the options out there. Chineese imports and such. I have been thinking about a precision Mathews of some variety. One thing that seems to be important to...