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    Is 0.00005" tolerance for std. micrometer reasonable?

    I see that Mitutoyo 293 series (std. 0-1" digital micrometer with 0.00005" resolution) have a factory spec of 0.00005". This seems rather extreme to have the tolerance be the same as the resolution. What are everyone's thoughts?
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    Lempco ball bearing die set/die shoes for sale

    Danly, Producto, style die shoe dieset, Lempco Ball Bearing 5"x 7.5" table | eBay $100 Buy it now Danly style die shoe dieset, Lempco Ball Bearing , 11 x 7.5 " (wxL) overall Lempco All steel dieset Distance between posts is 5" Posts are 1" diam Working table area is 5 x 7.5 " Has 0.376"...
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    Can 400mm Swiss (SIP) scale grow by 16 microns in 50 years?

    I have a 400 mm scale that came from a SIP MU-214 measuring machine (vintage 1960). It is steel about 20x20mm square with a slightly recessed area on one side which has very fine engravings every mm. The original calibration data says the max deviation for this scale was 0.7um, when calibrated...
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    Why bother with MyCal Lite caliper at +/- 0.005"?

    I have wondered for some time why Mitutoyo bothers to sell a MyCal Lite 6" Digital caliper (0.001' resolution) ($89.99 sale price) which is accurate to +/- 0.005" when for only a bit more ($118.99) you can get the regular MyCal 6", accurate to +/-0.001". It just doesn't make sense to me that...
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    ISO Standard- gauge block wringing film- calibration controversy

    I noticed a lively discussion (now closed) about whether a wringing film thickness is included in gauge block calibrations. I belive most of the world will agree that ISO Standards are the most used when standards are required, so in this sort of discussion I always look there. I rather quickly...
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    Why does micrometer zero ok but read 0.001" big at 1"?

    I got 4 very used micrometers at an estate sale. Two seem to read ok, but the other two (one a starrett, the other something lesser known) zero ok but read 0.001" big at 1". How is this possible? The pitch on the screw can't change that much can it?
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    Old Numerex CMM- worth adding new scales?

    I have a small Numerex CMM, manual, air-bearing model 13-18-10 , (13x18" x-y travel) originally purchased in 1987. It has a microscope attached to the Z axis and is used for measurement of flat X-Y images on photo plates. It still has the original 2um glass scales, but our measurements could use...