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    Material availability / lead times

    I realize this topic has frequently come up regarding the availability of raw materials, consumables, hardware, etc. However I am curious what everyone is experiencing in terms of availability and pricing of raw materials i.e. Aluminum, Steel, and other metals. I am not a shop a owner, I am...
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    Transitioning from Mastercam to UG NX for 5 axis work.

    It has been a while since I have posted on PM. Anyways, here goes. I am not an owner but a Machinist at a shop that does mostly high end Aerospace work. Management has always pursued a very aggressive agenda of keeping up with the state of technology in this industry in order to keep our...
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    Recommended reading material for someone interested in opening a shop.

    Hello everyone, I have always pondered the idea of opening a small job-shop machine shop. In the past it has been mere musings without any regard to the actual nuts and bolts , i.e. a business plan, equipment, space, cash flows, financing, marketing, etc. etc. These are the things that have to...
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    what would you do in this Situation.

    Thread deleted.
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    Bust A Move.

    A while back I posted a thread complaining about how I was grossly under compensated for my skills. You can read that If your so inclined i believe its titled "whats fair pay these days" or something very similar. Anyways, I took a job as a Mechanical Engineer down South near Seattle, Solid...
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    Whats fair pay these days ?

    Fairly recently I have been looking for a new gig as either a Machinist, Programmer, Engineer, or some hybrid mix of the three. The reason for this decision is that i feel I am not adequately compensated based on what I bring to the table, also my job offers 0 bennies and I am getting killed on...
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    Living in a post-Trump world

    As you all know, Billionare real-estate magnate Donald Trump was elected 45th president of the United States. The Trump, has made many promises during his campaign to revive US manufacturing and create well-paying jobs bringing more people into the middle class. While this is still a...
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    Found this Gem on Craigslist

    All you need is a cart and than you'll be in business. Hot Dog Machine Star Commercial Make Money
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    Not getting paychecks on time.

    Greetings fellow PM'ers I have been working in a smallish job shop for almost a year and a half now. The company has been struggling to establish itself in the marketplace and has had some cash flow difficulties. That being said there have been instances where management has been unable to...
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    When to move on

    Hello all, I have been a longtime lurker on PM and this is my first post. I realize this subject has been beaten to death (like most subjects on this forum), however each situation is somehow unique, and I would like to hear other peoples input. I apologize if this sounds like a rant, I just...