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    Specialized Vertical mill for EDM Carbons ? Makino SNC 64

    Take a look at the Hwacheon G1 line which is specifically designed for electrode machining or the Fanuc Robodrill trodemaster…
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    Robodrill Haberle Trunnion Offset X axis

    Out of Curiosity have you ran the axis set data exported to the thumb drive thru the axis check software to identify any kind of error that may exist In the B axis?
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    Speedio vs Robodrill to upgrade existing VMC

    You won’t wrong with a robodrill. They are very strong & productive machines. Both the 10k & 24k BBT spindles in the robodrills are very stout, but they are different. The 24K is great for getting after free cutting materials such as aluminum, running smaller tooling,& can cut harder materials...
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    Fanuc (Robodrill) M code for external output

    I don’t have any direct experience with your vintage of robodrill, but i know from the robodrill MATE’s to present day there is an I/O bored with open X&Y addresses in the upper right hand of the electrical cabinet. These X&Y addresses can be configured to the users specifications(Mcodes)thru...
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    Fanuc Robodrill Mate for Garage

    You can always use a 4th axis control box and DPRNT thru RS232(if equipped). Down fall is the 4th axis is only positional.