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    Setting tool offsets TL-1 (noob question)

    So I had initially setup my tool offsets for 10 different tools at once time to do a job, but now I have to add a few other tools and no longer have the "master reference" I used. Do I have to set the Z face for all the tools all over again to add these new tools? I assume there's a way I can...
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    New Haas TL-1 Motor rubbing, bearing noise, Video included.

    After being told the loud noise from my new TL-1 is normal I pulled the belt off to check for myself and now I see the motor itself has something rubbing in it and when at high RPM that noise is killing my ears on top of the belt whine. I also reduced the tension very slightly on the belt and...
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    Loud spindle Tl-1 holy cow

    When I heard people say Haas lathes are loud, I had no idea how loud they meant. My new Tl-1 Is incredibly loud and whiny above 1000 RPM and I'm trying to figure out if its the motor itself making the whine or the belt? It seems like the belt to me. Has anyone managed to do anything to make it...
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    Tooling up new Tl-1

    I'm looking to tool up my new Tl-1 with a Dorian Quadra tool post. What brand indexable tool holders do you guys recommend that can easily be purchased hassle free without having the get a quote for everything. I was temped to just buy some Haas tooling because its easy to see what they got and...
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    What does this symbol mean on a print? Surface finish?

    I this a surface symbol in the attached pic a 8 RA (micro inch finish) or something else entirely? I'm just confused because of the upside down 8 and looks different than what I normally see? The print default units are in inches with a 63 RA finish I always see. Thanks in advance.
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    The dreaded tool pop...

    Yes I have used the search. I been getting the dreaded tool pop to the point my tool arm could be seen flexing as it pulls the tool out. I've tried to clean the taper and holders grease the stud and it gets better until just the smallest amount of coolant gets on the holder. I have slowed my...
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    Machining 6061 0.31x15x18 part flatness?

    Customer wants a 100 parts 0.31x15x18" 6061 part flat to within 0.02" and plus/minus 0.004" thickness tolerance. Parts have 2 in through hole in middle and very minimal machining on outside perimeter. I have had good result before on smaller plate with vacuum chuck and flipping and facing 4...
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    How flat can I surface grind 2x18x27" plate A36?

    I have no experience surface grinding and will mill a A36 2x18x27" and will get it surface ground after. I got a quote from a surface grinder saying they can get it flat and parallel to.002" and I was really hoping for .001". Thickness tolerance is very loose it could be plus/minus .05" but I...
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    St-10 or TL-1?

    I don't know much about lathes and I'm a mill shop but I don't want turn customers away and have them going to shop around and lose them altogether so I'm considering a TL-1. After pricing out a TL-1 with options its so close to a bare bones ST-10 which offers way more. Initially I just need...
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    Aluminum vs steel vise sub-plates

    Debating between 7075 or a36 sub-plates for my orange vises to be used with a Vero-s zero point clamping system. My main concern with AL is thermal expansion and if I use steel it makes things heavy and I'm not sure I feel like making my back work so hard. Thoughts? I can buy blancharge ground...
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    zero point clamping Schunk Vero s, big kaiser?

    I'm seriously considering a zero point clamping system. I'm looking at getting this Schunk vero S system https://www.mscdirect.com/product/details/40791881 and wondering if anyone has had an experience with these systems or similar? I have looked at Big Kaiser Unilock, Jergans and the Schunk...
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    Trt160 or 210 5 axis?

    I'm considering getting a trt 160 or 210 for my vf-2ssyt to expand my capabilities. At first glance the 210 seems like the way to go and I seen it mounted on the same machine in a Haas demo video, but are there any surprises to watch out for as far as the size? For example the platter is bigger...
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    How would you machine this casting in one op? Side milling cutters?

    The part will be some sort of cast granite with steel inserts about 18x18x6 in. The red and blue surfaces are steel inserts and need to be machining. The blue just needs to surfaced with minimal material removal and main importance is squareness and perpendicularity to the red surfaces. Any...
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    Setting Max RPM of tool number to 0?

    My probe is on T25. Is there any way to set a max rpm for it to prevent accidentally hitting spindle fwd button and destroying it? This is on a NEXGEN.
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    Techniks hydraulic tool holders?

    Anyone every use Techniks hydraulic holders? I think they are fairly new to market and my distributor can get them for about $215 and $85 for reduction sleeves. Seems pretty cheap and at that price I'd be tempted to just skip the sleeves.
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    Keeping track of carve smart step jaws on orange vises?

    I want to make some carvesmart stepped jaws for my 2 dual station orange vises. I generally have been installing other jaws on the carriers they were machined on for best repeatibility but It would be great to make some step jaws that will maintain the same Z height no matter what carrier they...
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    How flat and parallel can I machine 1.25x18x27in aluminum plate?

    Guys looking to machine 1.25x18x27inch plate as flat and parallel as possible in either 6061 or 7075 skimming off as little as necessary to get it right. I could possibly go up to a 1.5" thick plate. How flat is realistic? Would .001" flatness along the whole plate even be possible? Machine is a...
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    The lowest odor coolant?

    I have tried qualichem 250C which was ok but had issues after a while, then tried Mecca green AL which turned out to smell worse and stronger. Looking for another option. I'm in a garage with mistaway collector but it still just gets unbearable after a while especially when coolant starts...
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    Chick One LOC?

    Is anyone using these vises and how are they performing. They have all the features I'm looking for except the on the new versions, the base is apparently made of cast aluminum with ground steel plate bolted to the top. Wish they just kept the older cast iron design and put fixed jaw on front...
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    Phase perfect phase converter and LED lights flickering in machine?

    Hi, I have a 355 20hp phase perfect wired up to a haas VF-2SSYT. The LED worklights in the machine flicker slightly when the machine is idle. It was always a very slight flicker before that never bothered me but now worse and quite noticeable. So far I have checked the lights by plugging them...