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    Federal Formscan 3100 User Manual

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone have the manual or any experience with a Federal Formscan 3100. I recently got one at auction but I have no idea how to use it and constantly getting the following error even if the table is moving fine. Everything seem fine in the diagnostic page so I think it...
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    Coolant Tank and Pump

    Hi All, I recently squired a Brown & Sharper Micromaster 510 that seem to have most of the guard in place to run flood coolant but it is missing the coolant tank and pump. I feel that I need to at least try flood coolant. One option would be those tank and pump on ebay...
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    Micromaster 510 Surface Finish and Vibration

    Hi all, I recently got my hand on my first surface grinder, a Brown & Sharp 510. After doing some initial testing, I was really unhappy with the surface finish I was getting: I am getting a lot of "wave" in line with the Y axis. After reading a lot on around the internet and on this post, I...
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    Graziano Sag 12 Taper Attachment "Screw"

    I am looking for some picture or dimensions of the original "screw" part that goes between and the slide and the "way clamp" on the Sag 12 taper attachment. It is missing on mine and I want to make a new one as close as the original as possible. Thank you
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    Moore #3 Jib Grinder Height

    Hi, I might have the opportunity to get my hand on an Moore #3 jig grinder but I want to know if I can fit it under my 8 foot ceiling. I am 95% sure that the hose are more than 8' and I am ok with cutting part of the ceiling for those but my main concern is would it fit through the garage door...
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    Maho MH400C Vertical Spindle Squareness Error

    Hi Everyone, I got a new problem with my maho mh400c. As many know, was cause me to dissasemble my bearings was initialy the fact that the back to front tramming of my machine is very bad, 18mils on a 8 inchs radius circle. When I discovered the state of my bearing, I wanted to make sure that...
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    Maho MH400C Vertical Spindle Bearing Problem

    Hi Everyone, I think I did a very expensive error ... My vertical spindle on my 1000hrs 1982 maho was not smooth enough for me, so I decide to take it apart to change to greese and check the bearings. The spindle was harder than expected to push out of the housing and I endup hitting it a...
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    Maho MH400C Retrofit

    Hi, First of all, sorry for my poor english, it not my first language... Ok, so a little bit of back story ... Since I am very young, I always wanted a cnc milling machine, it was my big dream since I saw a cnc router build on youtube something like 8 years ago. (Yeah, I am still very young) I...