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    NPT Pipe Tap Feeds and Speeds

    Hey Guys, I'm a relatively new programmer/machinist for a small shop. I've hand tapped NPT tapered threads before but have been tasked with programming them for the first time. I assume I'm overthinking it but just wanted to double check. I know to find out my feedrate for a standard thread...
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    Cheap CAD Recommendations

    Hey guys, I work for a small family owned job shop. We virtually never do any of our own drafting/print making because all of our work is from other customers. However we have run into a scenario where we need to make a few prints. I do all of our programming using Gibbscam which isn't very...
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    Peck Tapping on Doosan Mill

    Worked like a charm! Thank you, Sir
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    Peck Tapping on Doosan Mill

    I'm having trouble figuring out how to peck tap on my Doosan mill. Ive tried switching my G84 to G84.2 and adding a Q to my block but received an error code for the G84.2 I also tried just adding a Q value to my G84 and it stops at every Q value but does not retract. Any ideas where I start?
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    Hey Guys, Beginner Question

    Appreciate the feedback Dan. Have a great day!
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    Hey Guys, Beginner Question

    Thank you Doug. Good to know. Better ways to tell someone new they aren't using the forum properly.
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    Hey Guys, Beginner Question

    I'm new here. Take 20% off.
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    Hey Guys, Beginner Question

    Hey guys, got an easy one for ya. I haven't been at this too long. If I am plunging or interpolating down with an end mill, can I cut past the flute length given that the shank is the same OD as the cutting size? for example, if I am using a 3/8 end mill with .500" flute length, can I plunge...
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    Broken Taps

    Hey guys. I'm trying to tap "C-1020 / 1026 Steel Tubing ASTM A-513" and I keep breaking taps. The tap we are trying to use is a 1/4-20 NC GH3 SP/FL bottoming tap. We are already drilling oversized with a #6 drill (.204). We are drilling 1.1" deep and tapping .800" deep @ 100 rpm with a feedrate...
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    Issue with Z axis, looking for help.

    Hello guys, I am a new mill programmer and I've ran into an issue that has me stumped. I have have a 4th axis simple set up and program that is just putting a couple flats and one hole on the part. Seemingly out of nowhere my Z axis seems to be a quarter inch off. I've double checked my set up...
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    CNC Mill Gift Ideas

    Hello I am a young machinist from Ohio who has been machining for nearly a decade now. My mother turns 50 this year and I would like to make her something with the skills I have developed over the last 10 years. I have access to and am comfortable with design/CAM (Gibbscam), 3-4 axis vertical...
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    New Programmer, Need Recommendations

    Hello. I have spent the last 10 years working on Bridgeport’s and manual lathes as a tool and die machinist for a plastic extrusion company. 8 months ago I took my first CNC Milling job as a set up person. A few months into the gig our programmer got canned and now they are just expecting me...
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    GibbsCAM Training

    Hello. I am looking for the best resources and or recommendations of the best places to learn GibbsCAM. I’m pretty comfortable with 2D as of right now but can’t figure out how to do 4th axis and 3D stuff.