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    A question about early Automotive bearings...

    I was laying in bed reading a 1909 technical treatise on automobiles (yes, I know that is probably odd)and looking at the appendix which lists some of the technical details of the various cars that were new then. Most of the listings include references to the crankshaft bearings. Often they...
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    1915 Heat treating specs.

    This note is attached to the original drawing of the roller for a 1915 Buick valve lifter. The question is, "what does it mean"? This is important because you want the rollers to be slightly softer than the camshaft...since they are much more easily replaced. I was just asked about this and I...
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    Wheel bearing clearance

    Wheels bearings slip on to the spindle...does anyone know what the clearance between the ID of the bearing and the OD of the spindle should be? I'm guessing .001 but it would be nice to know exactly.
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    Metric threading on my old Sidney lathe?

    The prospect, albeit remote, of getting a very early French car has got me thinking about metric threading.There was a thread about 10 years ago where member Finegrain seems to answer the question... Metric threading on Sidney lathe So I'd thought I'd ask just to confirm I understand it...
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    A Differential Indexing Question

    I reading the indexing chart in the B&S milling machine book re: differential indexing, I see that it specifies the "gear on spindle"...I have a universal dividing head but don't readily see how a gear was attached to the spindle. I can think of ways to do it...it would involve making some...
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    What is — or was — "Frenc" metric?

    I was reading the 1919 Hendey manual and, where it mentions metric calibrated machines, it specifies that Hendey lathes could cut both "French" and "International" metric threads. I'm wondering what was different about the French threads. Thus far, the internet has been useless in deciphering...
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    A Bearing Fit Question

    This the the full-floating rear axle from my 1910 Mitchell. The portion at the rear held the original bearing...one of those "balls in a cage" bicycle bearings. Not only were they not very good but in this case both of the cups that are pressed into the hub are broken. My goal is to fit new...
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    My new compound dial & lead screw

    I confess to having been very impressed with Doc's Machine rebuild of his Springfield lathe, so much so that I decided to try something remotely similar. Since I started using my 15" belt-drive Sidney, about 10 years ago, I have not been altogether satisfied with the compound dial and lead...
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    Measuring the angle of a dovetail

    How do you do it if you can't get a protractor into the "V"?
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    Sidney Taper Attachment

    My Sidney lathe, a 14-inch cone head, had a taper attachment. When I bought it (at a printing auction about 40 years ago) I got part of the TA. I'm guessing the rest of it was there but I knew so little about them at the time that I didn't see it and left without it. Now I have a project that...
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    When were steel castings first viable?

    In the 19th century we commonly see items marked "cast steel" but that was a reference to the method of producing the metal, not to the idea of pouring molten steel into a mould - like cast iron. I've been under the impression that casting steel was a relatively modern development, I think begun...
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    Calculating lead for a helical gear

    I would think there must be a formula... It's a DP8 gear, 20 teeth, helix angle 20 degrees. I confess to being a bit math challenged so I've probably found the answer already but simply don't recognize it.
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    WTB Brown & Sharpe Universal Dividing Head

    It doesn't have to be complete. I have a set of change gears and extra dividing plates. A footstock would be nice but I can work around that too. The gears I have came from a #2 light and I don't know if the different machines (I have a #2 Heavy) used different gears...I rather doubt it but I'm...
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    A Gear Pressure Angle Question

    I'm helping a friend with his 16-valve 1917 White touring car. The one part that is damaged is the water pump shaft, not from wear but from galvanic corrosion. It's an interesting challenge and is testing the limits of my skills but I think I can handle it. All of the early cars I've worked on...
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    WTB NMTB 40 to 50 adapter

    Need an adapter to use a 40 taper arbor in my #2 B&S mill. Joe Puleo [email protected]
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    Reed-Prentice geared head lathe available

    I only saw this machine last week and didn't have my camera with me. This is the story...the machine is in a shop in Upton Mass. The gentleman who owned the shop died unexpectedly and the owner of the property - who was a close friend - is trying to clear it out. There is no family involved and...
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    Magneto coupling taper

    I'm thinking of making an impulse starter for my 1910 Mitchell from a set of patent drawings of one that was invented around 1906. The major stumbling clock is that it has to have a tapered hole in order to fit the magneto. The taper is one originally used by Robert Bosch and later adopted as...
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    Magneto coupling taper

    Accidently double posted...how do I erase this?
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    Making Rifle Grenades in WWI

    I found this in the National Archives while looking for something else and thought it was a particularly good shot, showing the lathe, etc.
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    Single flute cutters

    Any idea what these were used for? I've had them long enough to not remember where I got them but almost certainly in a box of miscellaneous machinist's stuff.