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    ebay purchase disappointment: need advice

    Hi all, I recently bought-it-now some extremely rare collets on Ebay; the description said "They all appear to be very good - some look unused." there were large-size photos showing a brownish hue and what appeared to some dirt in the bores (see attached pictures). Seller has a feedback score...
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    FS/FT: Lenz taper boring head

    I've got a Lenz taper boring/facing head; I've posted a description with pics in the Deckel forum. Looking to sell or trade for a small Wohlhaupter UPA 1 or 2 (preferably metric, but let's see what you've got....) Hans
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    Lenz taper boring head

    Hi, I,ve posted a For Sale ad with description in the for sale topic, for a Lenz LKD-II taper boring head. I'm wondering what the group thinks about this thing; It's obviously very well made, but could you see yourself using it, or just a relic (and surpassed by CNC)? Hans
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    Ancient Philips DRO scales - uses?

    Hi, I have a couple of ancient Philps DRO scales and readers; see Ancient Philips DRO scales the scales are about 24 cm long (7.5" ) and the reader boxes 105 x 90 x 46 mm (4.13 x 3.54 x 1,81") plus clamping edge on the bottom. scales have numbers PE 2374 00 and 9418 023 74001 on them...
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    Meyer & Burger UW 1 universal machine tool

    Hey, Coming out of the closet, so to speak with my Meyer & Burger. I've made up a web page web page about the machine, not in the least because I have a couple of Astoba (precursor to the Meyer & Burger ) for sale. enjoy, Hans