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  1. J

    Price of 1045 more like nickel?

    With shipping and transport fees these days everything is roughly double and steel is way higher than that. Some steel yards in my area have shut down. Build Back Better.
  2. J

    MSC Lathe Parts Needed

    It's likely metric. Wouldn't be too much of a climb to make the parts. It's probably bronze and they made it so it's sacrificial. The quill is a different story. What's wrong with it?
  3. J

    Mit digital caliper f'd??

    had a Starrett that went south a while back. They said they wouldn't fix it. Out of production. I'm not too big on digital mics and calipers. Dial and vernier work pretty good and are pretty stable.
  4. J

    Reading Suggestions

    Tom Lipton has a couple of decent books. "Metalworking, Doing it Better". He has a good youtube channel as does Keith Rucker.
  5. J

    Lathe Spindle MT5 Taper Trouble - Help Please

    If it has dings in it still lightly using a mT5 reamer might help it but truth tell I've never used the ones on any of my lathes. when I need a center I just chuck a short piece of round rod and turn a 60* taper on it. That's as good as it's going to get for any lathe.
  6. J

    Turning Eccentric Long Shaft Manual Lathe

    You can use a boring head with a dead center in it to get your tailstock offset if the piece isn't too long.
  7. J

    Lathe recommendation for welding/fabricating shop

    Until you learn how to operate a lathe I'd suggest a decent South bend lathe or something similar. 16" would do. you crash a gearhead lathe and you're done. CNC is nice but you have to know how to machine in order to do decent work. Trash one of those and you've spent some money. A decent belt...
  8. J

    ot 1940 monarch promo film

    It makes me want to cry when I think about all those brand-new Monarch lathes resting on the bottom of the ocean in sunken ships.
  9. J

    I am new at running a Darex M4 or M5, I am doing something wrong and need help figuring out what?

    It looks to me like you're set up for a split point.
  10. J

    What's a good insert for dry turning 304 stainless?

    Try HSS. Also if you need an insert for one of your tool holders look at Arthur R. Warner Co. They make HSS inserts to fit most existing holders. Or you can grind your own.
  11. J

    Stuck Allen head bolt

    They make some stubby left hand easy outs that might work if the head is still intact. Drive the correct size on and unscrew it. Other than that find a shop that has a Tap Zapper. It's an EDM type of sinker that will get those screws and broken taps disintegrated.
  12. J

    OT: 2nd Catalytic converter stolen.

    Sorry to hear about your stolen property but things are getting pretty crazy. This has been going on for a long time. The only thing I can think of is a good camera system that you can identify who is stealing. My guess is it's the same rat that stole from you before. Fences don't help at least...
  13. J

    New LeBlond or Clausing?

    The LeBlond if you have good control on those kids. They can destroy an anvil if left alone.
  14. J

    Small Shop Bandsaw Recommendation

    Roll In saws are good. I use mine a lot but if the gearbox ever wears out you're in trouble. a friend had a stamping shop and his newer model broke. He never was able to get it working like it was before. I'm wanting a Grob or Do All.
  15. J

    Clausing 5917 ?s.

    They have some complications in the saddle that can cause trouble. Design stuff that is not so robust. I'd be more interested in the Clausing Colchester or Harrison imports. Better yet a decent Leblond. RPC's do a decent job.
  16. J

    bolts and nuts

    Sort of a cheap thread lock.
  17. J

    Accuracy of centre drill holes

    If the mill will handle it that could work. If you have a big enough steady rest for the lathe, set it up close to the chuck and set it for the diameter of the piece you're wanting to center drill. Move it out and chuck one end of the 21.5" shaft in the three jaw chuck and face and drill in the...
  18. J

    Gerstner clone.....Again

    Seems like an insult to keep "weed" in a nice box like that. you do great work. I'd like to try it sometime, but good wood is terrible expensive around here. Not saying my expertise would match my ambition. There's that.
  19. J

    Determining unknown thread

    If that's been used over and over again those threads probably got rounded off from use.
  20. J

    Helmut Krebs Master Machinist, 1935-2022

    Quite a man. RIP