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    Shaper attachment

    Regarding shapers: Request help in identifying what the mechanism or attachment is that is seen located on the ram in the attached web link. http://metalworking.com/dropbox/_2000_retired_files/Shaper3.jpg There appears to be a cam follower that rides over a trapezoidal shaped metal plate...
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    Cincinnati Tool Master Mill

    Requesting any advise, expertise or experiences with Cincinnati Tool Master vertical mills. I have looked at several Cincinnati Tool Master vertical mills over the last year. There seems to be two basic machine styles: (1) Some are designed similar to a Bridgeport knee mill with belt drive...
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    W & S Turret Lathe sizes

    I have read many of the W & S Turret lathe discussion threads on this forum. They are a great source of information as this is a truly wonderful forum. Could you please help me understand the differences between the various model types of Warner & Swasey Turret lathes. With the older “round...
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    Hardinge & Bridgeport Paint Restoration

    There are a few recent comments regarding the fine factory paint and surface finish on Hardinge lathes. Achieving those superb factory finishes must be labor intensive and costly. I can understand why Hardinge tried to cut corners for a production year. I am rebuilding an HLV and a...