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    Hitachi WJ200 push button control issues

    Need some trouble shooting help. I installed a 3ph 3hp motor powered by a Hitachi WJ200 drive. Motor runs fine, starts/stops on the keypad controls. I want to run push button controls and so I thought I setup the inverter to accept push button controls. In doing so I swapped the logic...
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    Wiring control box with IEC starter - Help Requested

    I'm building out a control box for a machine I recently acquired. Original wiring was hacked up pretty badly by previous owner so I decided to start fresh and add modern safety stuff to this machine which was designed to use a simple disconnect to start the motor. 230v 3ph coming in off a...
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    Eight wire motor wiring?

    I have a Japanese made ‘super surfacer’ machine which was produced most likely in the 70’s or 80’s. It was originally wired for “220v” 3ph. The previous owner had someone hack in a static converter by putting a starter and capacitor in the peckerhead. They messed with all of the wiring to...
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    Hitachi VFD for small 3ph motor

    I recently bought a small Kira drill/tapping machine. The previous owner replaced the controls with a no brand vfd. I am planning to replace this with a 120v to 3ph unit, given that this is a small motor and I’d like to avoid running 230v line to it if possible. WJ200-007MF | Hitachi Drives...
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    Kira KTV-1 dedicated tapping machine for sale

    I bought this recently and have been contemplating using it as a drill press. Before I change anything on it, if anyone is interested in buying it to use as a tapper please let me know. Asking $950 to cover my expenses.
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    WTB: Benchtop Drill press (german, swiss, swedish, etc)

    Looking for a nice bench top drill press, and certainly prefer European manufactures. Please send me a PM if you have one and are interested in selling it. I'm located in NJ and willing to travel or have it shipped. Thank you Brian
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    Right Angle Head Issue.

    Installed a Dorial Tool right angle head on the Bridgeport this evening. I had some light face milling work to do on the end of long part. I switched the machine into reverse and turned it on again, it locked up the head. I took it apart and found nothing obviously wrong with it, with...
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    Narex boring head - quick adjust jammed?

    Hi, Hoping this is the right location to solicit opinions since you all are likely using this or similar heads. I have a Narex VHU, it’s in perfect condition but after sitting for a few months the rapid adjustment screw has become jammed. The head works entirely normally otherwise. I’m at a...
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    Single Phase motor issue ?

    I recognize that I'm at risk of posting this in the wrong location, but to be frank posting questions in 'General' slightly terrifies me. Here goes: I have a dust collector with a 3hp 1ph motor manufactured by Leeson, it began making an odd noise while running, sort of like a surging. On...
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    Bearing Help - which Lube?

    Hi All, I am helping a friend work out details on a 1970’s~ Martin shaper. The machine uses FAG 6212-TB-P5 oil bath bearings and the machine manufacturer requests the user to use their special oil....only available via shipping from Germany. I can’t find any specs on what lube to use, so any...
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    Wadkin PP Sliding Table Saw

    Early 1970s Wadkin(UK) Patternmaker's sliding table saw. Heavily built at 2600lbs. and with an 18" blade capacity- several blades are included This saw has every option: miter quadrant complete, front and back; Micro-adjuster on rip fence, protractor fence, 34" main table extension leaf giving...
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    Keeping a small hole on track?

    I have a task coming up in which I plan to bore a 3/32" hole. Normally I would do this with a carbide spade or other carbide tool that will not deflect much. However, this hole is 1" deep and it's in an awkward location. End mill holders won't gain me enough space so I plan to use an...
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    WTB Narex or Wohlhaupter UPA3

    Looking for a boring head either Wohlhaupter or Narex on the smaller side with either a straight shank or R8. Thank you Brian
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    Boring/Facing or dedicated fly cutter?

    Is a boring/facing setup like that produced by Gamet/Enco capable of providing a perfectly clean surface finish so much that something dedicated to fly cutting like those produced by suburban tool would be an unnecessary addition? I don't intend to do much fly cutting, but it would be nice to...
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    Favorite hold down clamps for a small sine plate?

    Bought a 6" sine plate recently and I'm realizing that when utilizing a typical step-clamp setup that I will find that gravity has become my enemy when I do a production run. What are your favorite hold downs for sine plates? Google/Mcmaster/etc have not been particularly helpful here. Thank...
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    Preferred maker of Grid plates?

    Howdy, I have a machine new to the shop that has an open table, basically you can mount your own setup to it or use the existing built in clamp for typical work. I would like to add a grid plate to the machine for fixturing a sine plate, speciality vise, etc. and I'm wondering who makes a...
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    Need a few steel bushings made

    Hi, I need three bushings made for a piece of machinery. These bushings are shown here: https://www.advancedmachinery.co.uk/content/product/341_0_z.jpg I would, of course, buy them but they're not available in the size I need. The OD is .4995", overall length is 2.25" the shoulder is .625"...
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    KURT KTR35 'Sine' Toolroom vise

    Good afternoon! Wondering if anyone has experience with this vise, do you like the function of it? I'm thinking to use this one one of a few machines for easy setup of angles.
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    Vibratory Tumbler finishing - Brass - Questions

    I am a furniture maker and typically make the hardware that I use. I've been making parts mainly from brass and always hand finishing. Hand finishing is occasionally problematic if I have parts with a lot of detail, so I've been considering moving to a vibratory tumbler to apply a finish to...
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    R8 slotting cutter diameter limitations

    As a gut instinct measure from those experienced with R8 Tapers, what would be a practical limitation for the cutter diameter for slotting light materials like plastic. In this case, I'm thinking to use a cutter on the thinner side and take multiple cuts (rather than one big heavy) and I'd like...