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  1. SageGlad

    Brass 841

    Hey people! I'm looking for a good brass supplier, trying to find an adequate price an availability and having some issues with it. Can anyone share if there is a good brass supplier around?
  2. SageGlad

    Manufacturing associations?? Who participate in any??

    Hey guys. Looking around and talking to many people to do business. So found a tons of associations of "any kind of" manufacturers. Some of them are non profit and funded by government (I've been told) and some of them cost from $6 hundred and up. Can't make sense what do they offer and what's...
  3. SageGlad


    Hey guys. Does anyone works with the Xometry? Share your experience, thoughts, maybe some who you know used to work with them? I’m thinking to give it a try. Let’s talk
  4. SageGlad

    Renishaw OMP60 setup issues.

    Hey forum people! Happy holiday for all you guys. Have a little issue with a new renishaw spindle probe and want to discuss here, maybe someone has any experience. I have VF7/50 it’s a pre NG control. I have a renishaw wireless probing system installed and the spindle probe has been messed. So I...
  5. SageGlad

    Seeking for 1821c.bin

    Hey people maybe someone can share.. I know here’s a lot of folks who may have it or similar to it.
  6. SageGlad

    Help! Need haas control software!

    Help! Need haas mill control software! Hey people. Long story short, I got the vf7 and my software went bad (haas has a tons of bugs in it). And since it’s not a new machine I don’t have warranty. And they have all manuals for every single procedure but don’t let me get the software. Just...
  7. SageGlad

    Help! Need maincon control software

    Hey people of forum! Do someone have a mill software for a maincon control? Version 18.21C or even lower.
  8. SageGlad

    Unrecoverable error Haas vf7

    Hey people! About a week ago I had a problem with the parameters (was factory reset) on my haas VF7, the machine has a bunch of alarms with spindle overload. I fixed it restoring my parameters from the usb stick that comes with the machine. Thanks god, because Haas wanted $3k for this 15 minutes...
  9. SageGlad

    Haas VF7 spindle overload 200%

    Hey people! I’m in need of help with my VF7/50. It’s 2011 machine, we just got it out of auction. After installation I turned on the machine and wanted to run a warm up program, As soon as spindle start turning it shows me a 200% overload, with no tools in it. It spins freely by hand, I checked...