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    Electric motor bearings

    Have a noisy bearing in a 7 1/2 hp electric motor. It has zerks and greaseable bearings in it. Took it apart yesterday and cleaned half a pound of excess grease out of the end bells. These bearings are open on one side, sealed on the other. Other than they generally cost a bit more is there any...
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    10EE for parts?

    I just read the forum rules and didn't see that posting links to auctions is a no no here. Mods delete as you see fit. There is a 10EE on Purple Wave. Says it is non operational... Maybe someone here needs it? https://www.purplewave.com/auction/220712/item/MD9233/Monarch-Shop_Tools-Tools-Kansas
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    Extra stuff on this CK?

    What is all the extra motors and 2 speed stuff on this lathe for...
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    Reversing an rpc

    A friend of mine has a lathe (and other machines) w/3 phase motor. The original motor control on the lathe has been changed/replaced so there is only forward. No reverse. He runs it off a rotary phase converter which does not have any start capacitor/s on it To start the rpc he hits the switch...
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    Brown&Sharpe 9 collets. WTB

    Would like to find a set of above mentioned collets and/or other tooling for my decrepit old Millmaster. Thanks
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    Any way to fix this Albrecht chuck?

    Was looking online for a keyless chuck then remembered this one I got in a box of stuff at an auction a couple of years ago. Never even looked it over till today. Did a search for Albrecht Chucks and learned they are pretty spendy. It has a bit of galling on 1 spot on the taper inside. Do you...
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    WTB Solberga drill press column

    I have a Solberga SE-725 drill press head. It is the type that bolts onto a multi head table. I know it is a LONG shot but would like to find a complete column and table from a floor mount model. One with the head that is kaput. The column on mine is 110 mm - about 4.331 in. Maybe the stars will...
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    Electrical enclosures

    Not sure where to ask this... Does anyone know where I can buy a small enclosure box that is extra deep? In a perfect world I could find a metal one but it Must be a minimum 6x6x6. I can find them 4" deep but need 6 deep. To get 6" depth you need to go to 10x10 or so. Plastic would work too but...
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    Reuse a multi head drill press?

    I have a chance to buy one of the heads off a multi head drill press. It might be an arboga but not sure on that. It's a gear head is all I know. It is just the head and short column. I was thinking about bolting it to a work bench I have. Bench top is cast Iron 30" X 90" X 1 1/2". Yes, a...
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    Small 3 phase coolant pump?

    I recently bought a Kysor Johnson horizontal band saw. Coolant pump is missing. Saw is 220V three phase. It doesn't need to be much of a pump. Heck, a little submersible pump off of a tile saw would probably do. However, those are all 110V single ph and I'd REALLY like it to turn on and auto...
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    12CK Taper attachment questions

    I will need to use my taper attachment soon so I removed it from the lathe and cleaned 80 years of grime off of it. Those of you who have these TAs know there are 16 bearings to guide the slide in it. My bearings were mostly all froze/gunked up so I bought all new ones to replace them. My...
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    Anyine recognize this drill press?

    It is coming up at auction.
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    Band Saw blade welders

    I bought these two blade welders today. I will keep one, my friend wants the other. I don't know if they work but for the moment, let's assume they do. Both are 220V single phase. There is some info online on the Grob (type RW-B). It is missing the grinding wheel and guard. I can fix that...
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    Alzmetall drill press

    I think it is an AB 4? Can anyone give me some info on it? LxWxH? Weight? Hp? MT taper size? I've heard that some of these machines were pretty big. Can't go look at it before purchase and can't afford to buy something that is too big. Thanks
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    Couple if Monarchs sold at auction this morning

    watched these go down to the wire. The 10EE sold for $3000. The 12CK went for $4100. Both had Acu Rite DROs. Plus 26.25% for sales tax and bidder's fee on both of them. And the usual exobitant rigger's fees... Of course the CK may have been in better condition but I would have thought the EE...
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    Big Twist Drills

    I got these at an auction. Cheap! 1 3/16" #4 MT 1 1/2" straight shank 1 11/16" straight shank. All US made. What to do with them? My lathe uses #3 MT Should I sell them on fleabay then buy something I could use or turn #3 Morse tapers on them? Don't know that I need that big of bits for my...
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    Keller Power hacksaw.

    I read somewhere that posts about power hacksaws were not allowed here for a long time but now they are? I hauled a Keller #3 home last week and am looking for some info on it. I thought I had seen a sub forum somewhere. Here? Maybe on one one of the homey/hobby sites? Can't find it now. Where...
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    Speaking of modifying a steadyrest...

    Didn't want to hijack the post below on a similar topic... I bought this one yesterday. My thought was to make a new base to fit my old lathe. However, after looking at it a bit it seems like a nice old piece and I'm loathe to modify is as I just know there is someone - somewhere that would be...
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    How cold can you run machinery?

    Winter is about to set in here. I won't have heat in my shop for another year. It was about 32 ° f yesterday morning and I was facing off the chamfer on some big lug nuts in the lathe. It is a gear head. Has an oil pump in the head stock. I watched the drip in the sight glass and the rate...
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    Did someone here buy the 12CK in Louisiana off Ebay?

    There was a 12 CK on ebay for the last few weeks. Was about 100 mi south of NOLA. Damaged by hurricane Ida. About 2600 mile round trip from here. My friend and I were going to buy it but with poor photos and without knowing how long we had to go get it we balked. Seller relisted it 3 times. $500...