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    VFD recommendation. Looking for a 5hp single phase input VFD. Good deals out there?

    Single phase input. 5hp. Remote pot speed control. It would be nice if I could set it up with 0-10v speed control later for CNC interface. Internal brake resistor, or at least a built in chopper would be nice but not critical. Oh, application is my SAG 14, so reversing isn't critical. Good...
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    Attn motion guru, S7 questions.

    Hi, I’m just starting a look at an installed system. S7-300 Profibus HMI comms...end to end, no branches, no obvious field io. They are hoping to open the system to their factory database. They seem to have a solid db department so I won’t have to beat that up too. Any serious ball busters I...
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    OT the making of a Miraphone tuba.

    Skilled people working in metal. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=t4mSNSd014g
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    Cincinnati serial number request. 37B-20599-1

    I got an orphan Cincinnati name plate with the S/N 37B-20599-1. Any one have The Book handy?
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    Cincinnati name plate as a gift.

    A friend gave me this plate, pulled from a machine going to scrap. Kind of a neat gift. What’s the machine? Serial# 37B-20599-1
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    Monaset...NOT Monoset grinder information?

    Does anyone have experience with the Monaset grinders? Cincinnati Monoset Cutter Grinder If the quality is there they seem like a solid alternative to a Three R reman.
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    Neat video, what mill is in it?

    The video is probably a repost... What is the mill in it? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VyWCZ24nZjw
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    GM to layoff 15k workers...close plants.

    Is anyone here going to see a hit. GM to slash jobs and production, drawing Trump's ire | Article [AMP] | Reuters
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    2K frozen stuck overarms.

    Am I missing something? I have loosened the bolts on top. I have removed the grub screws in the rear out board holes. I have kroiled everything I can find. Am I missing something or are they just frozen?
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    Replacing monolithic wheels with bonded CBN or diamond.

    The price and availability of wheels with aluminum cores and CBN or diamond surfaces has brought me to rethink my grinding and honing wheels. They are in bench grinders and pedestal grinders. I guess I’m wondering about speeds and material compatibility. Can I just slap a CBN bonded wheel in a...
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    Drilling holes with a jig bore

    The cost of a jig bore is low compares to a good drill press. For small, sub 1/2” holes is a jig bore suitable? In particular for small holes, sub 1/4 is it a good mix between a sensitive drill and a drill press? I can always buy a big cheap beater drill press for hogging holes, but the cost for...
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    Stacking grinding wheels?

    This just may be a stupid idea...but... Can two wheels be safely put on the same mandrel, touching, to get a wider effective wheel?
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    Labor Day...

    Take a moment to remember the people who shed blood and died for the rights of the American worker,
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    Space qualified pressure tank from additive machining

    Giant Satellite Fuel Tank Sets New Record for 3-D Printed Space Parts - Jul 11, 218
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    Amazing Japanese watchmaker documentary.

    An amazing watchmaker. Worth the time the watch. What is the mill at about 20 min? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1moRfIXCfak#fauxfullscreen
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    Input on cheap stick power supply please.

    I'm looking for a cheap stick power supply. 200A class, 220v single phase input. High duty cycle. I'm using it for a non welding application and don't need any fancy controls. Just current, efficiency and duty cycle...so I'm not spending a grand on a welder supply. There are dozens of cheap...
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    Small Cincy mill on Craig’s list.

    Not mine, dunno the seller...now with working link. What’s this? Cincinnati Milling Machine - tools - by owner - sale
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    Is PocketNC off limits?

    If not what do people think. Pocket NC Company
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    Hercules Graziano change gears.

    The following discusses the change gears on the Sag14. Specifically my sag14...see thread here. (Insert link) Mine is a Hercules clone. Use this information at your own risk, this only applies to my clone. The Hercules has only two ranges in the QC box...later Graz seem to have 4 and may need...
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    High pressure and through tool coolant.

    I see a lot of information on high pressure and through tool coolant systems. It seems to me that it’s only Really useful in high speed and gun drilling situations. Would that be a fair characterization? I’m not thinking of the through tool flood coolant...more the 1000 psi systems. Who uses...