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  1. jackal

    Need advice for pulling this lever off of lathe gearbox

    I bought this lathe a while back and it has some feed problems. This handle needs to come off to get into the gearbox. Can someone tell me if that center threaded hole is a puller hole? I've seen these types of levers on machines, but never really thought about it. I removed the 2 large set...
  2. jackal

    FS- large drill chuck, mics square set, boring head

    For sale: 1) Mitutoyo combination square set. Excellent shape, has a few stains on it. Box is dirty. Not much use. $200 obo 2) Criterion DBL 203 boring head. R8 shank. Good shape $75 obo 3)Jacob's 20N drill chuck. 3/8- 1" has a few scratches, but it's real clean in the bore where a shank...
  3. jackal

    Question about fit for timken tapered roller bearings

    I have a customer that brought me some old shafts. He wants new one made, and they take Timken tapered roller bearings. Usually, I just polish the fits for a slide on with the bearing. He went these made ahead of time so when the bearings come in they can assemble immediately. Can you give me...
  4. jackal

    Where can I get info about gears, specs, angles etc.

    Looking at recent posts about gears, has made me wonder about the info on making / measuring them. I have worked places many years ago that would make an occasional ( simple) gear or cut a spline. They usually had the cutter and mandrel for it because it was a repeat job. I would like to know...
  5. jackal

    Need advice on getting a Hardinge lathe

    I've never ran one or been around one. A local factory makes hospital beds and they are looking for someone to make some simple bushings. A few years ago, a customer offered me a (LOT) of Hardinge tooling for money they owed me. I can still get it cheap if needed. Can someone tell me what...
  6. jackal

    Best type of fastening for 2 inch sanding disc

    I use a lot of 2 inch sanding discs. In the past they have been metal twist on, 5 prong turn type, and the plastic threaded. Recently a lot of them have popped up that are hook & loop fastened. Can anyone tell me if the hook and loop stay on very well? Thanks
  7. jackal

    What type of material for die clamps on brake press

    I have a customer that has a large 8 foot brake press. Someone took the clamps off that hold the top die in place. Different sources have said 4140 and one said cold rolled would be fine. These measure out to be. 2-1/2" x 1-3/4". What are your opinions on the material? Thanks in advance.
  8. jackal

    OT recommendations for a cell phone

    I've been looking at cellphones. I bought a new Samsung A12 back in July, and now it won't turn on. This is the first time I've had a phone die without any warning. Most of my stuff is on the memory chip, but still agravating. My old LG was still good, but AT&T said it wasn't supported by the...
  9. jackal

    FS. No. 10 Williams boring bar and holder

    For sale. #10 Williams boring bar holder and #10 Williams 15/16" boring bar. $40+ shipping ( flat rate box or cheaper). Thanks for looking. 20211116-133707 — ImgBB 20211116-133715 — ImgBB 20211116-133725 — ImgBB
  10. jackal

    Need info on buying 1008 CR4 sheetmetal

    I have a friend that makes stamp anvils for a print shop. The print shop always supplied their own material. The source they were using closed down. What they give as specs are : 1008 steel CR4 .020 thick. He said this material has a grain like a KSI material, and you have to break it a...
  11. jackal

    OT- Need source for sheetmetal caps

    I have a customer that is needing some new air filter mounts. The sample they gave me has a flange that is 16 gauge steel. It is 6" od, with 5-7/8" inside the lip. The lip is 3/8" tall. Most of the pipe caps I've found are round end, or ultralight sheetmetal for duct work. Anyone have a...
  12. jackal

    3 old style rocker toolposts for lathe

    I have 3 of these. They look like they haven't been used, just dirty from sitting . There aren't any wedges with then, and one is missing the cup washer base. $25 for all 3 plus shipping. They should fit in a US Postal flat rate box. $12-$13. There is a 12 inch ruler in bottom of pic for...
  13. jackal

    Need recommendations for working with AR400 plate

    I have a customer that has a large wood chipper. The feed rolls on each side have these worn gripper strips that need replacing. I'm guessing the material is some type of AR plate ( guessing AR400). These straps are 15-1/2" long. They are 1/4 " thick, and stick out 5/8". It looks like metal...
  14. jackal

    OT -Tax depreciation on equipment.

    I bought a used mill the other day. The guy said someone came to him a few weeks ago and bought a lathe for $1500 & wanted a bill of sale for $5000. The buyer told him he wanted to depreciate it out for more than it was worth. The seller said he thought it would raise the property tax...
  15. jackal

    Question about metal spinning or rolling a sheetmetal cone

    I have a customer that needs 2 of these cones made. The material is 16 gauge ( .062 thick steel). There aren't any shop around that can roll a cone with a pointed end. The customer told me it can be flat up to 1/2 on the end for the adjustment screw. Can someone direct me to metal spinning...
  16. jackal

    FS-Enco #39 Chicago 44 way tool post. Williams #10 boring bar holder and #10 boring b

    I have an Enco #39 Chicago 4 way toolpost. Pics below. 12 imch scale show for reference. If you need more pics, just ask. $45 + shipping. Next is a Williams #10 boring bar holder, and a #10 Williams boring bar 15\16". $45 + shipping. If you need more pics, just ask.
  17. jackal

    How difficult is 17-4 stainless to work with? Rolling? Shearing?

    I have a small job for a food place. It is magnetic stainless. It appears to be 17-4 stainless rolled into a ring. Then, welded to a plate. The open end is sharpened ( beveled) to a cutting edge. This material will be 16 gauge, and about 4 inches wide. The circle diameter is around 6 inches...
  18. jackal

    OT- need help converting old VHS videos to files on computer

    I found some old family VHS tapes from around 1994. My Dad and other family members that are now gone, are in these. I would like to save to my computer. Amazon has a wiring harness that is supposed to work. This is one I noticed...
  19. jackal

    For sale 4 way toolpost

    I have a 4 way toolpost. It has an o-ring seal on the pivot base. It came with some Hardinge lathe stuff. Will take $50 + you pay shipping. It is an Enco brand. If you need more pics or measurements, ask or PM me. Thanks for looking
  20. jackal

    Need info on cycle timer for autolube pump

    I have an old mill with a clock gear type timer. It doesn't work sometimes. There are some cycle timers on eBay, etc. It needs to be programmable. Maybe on for 10 seconds, every 15 -20 minutes. I can wire it up, but don't know what to ask for. Any recommendations? Here are some I've been...