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  1. J

    Lots of HeliCoil items

    The Power Tool set (#2)has been sold
  2. J

    Lots of HeliCoil items

    I have a lot of HeliCoil Items for sale. Discount for shipping on multiple purchases PayPal or Check 1. HeliCoil 1"-8 Master Thread Repair Kit - Everything looks like new - the empty slot in the box originally had 6 inserts ($425.00 new) $80.00 shipped 2. HeliCoil Power Tool Kit -...
  3. J

    CNC Tooth (human) Manufacturing

    I was at the dentist here in our small town and didn't know that permanent crowns are made on a desktop machine. It measured about 30" x 20" x 15" tall. This photo is of the business portion. The largest endmill is about .125".
  4. J

    Rockwell 28-365 Drive pulley clutch question.

    I had a Rockwell 28-500, 20" bandsaw for a while and if it had this clutch in it, I never knew it. (I worked on the vari-speed, but not the wheel bearing) I had a similar emergency clutch in my Clausing lathe. In that case, they would only come into play when there would be a crash of the...
  5. J

    Anyone need a Stroke Sander ?

    I have been using a stroke sander in my cabinet shop for 40 years. It's sanded 1000s of doors and drawer fronts!
  6. J

    Need help with wiring for Delta unisaw starter

    I'm not an electrician, but I think that you are correct that you can wire the 110v wires either way. I've done it for many years that way.
  7. J

    Mitutoyo 0-6" Outside Micrometer Set - NEW

    The 0-6" micrometer set has been sold
  8. J

    Cleveland Tapered Reamer Set - 11 pcs

    These tapered reamers have been sold (07-24-2021)
  9. J

    Ineed a larger dust collector. How large is too large

    I don't have that large of a planer, but I do generate a lot of chips and dust. I have a 2hp delta that I added a second filter bag to (one supported from the ceiling). My main input to this conversation is that I have a 8' x 4' x 4' box on wheels that the chips run through just before the vac...
  10. J

    Cleveland Tapered Reamer Set - 11 pcs

    Cleveland Taper Pin Reamer Set. #0 through #10 Very good condition - High quality U.S.A. made Wooden case Very handy for machine rebuilders! $265.00 shipped (last photo shows pricing for U.S.A. made tapered reamers at Travers Tool) I have lots of other machinist tools on my website at...
  11. J

    Various Micrometers

    Starrett #256 disc style micrometer - Can measure groove spacings, etc. Calibrated in 2020 - $125.00 shipped Mitutoyo 112-225, 0 - 1" X .001" - Point Micrometer, Ratchet, 30 Deg. Steel Points - like new, calibrated in 2020 - $95.00 shipped Starrett #486 , 3 to 4" blade micrometer -...
  12. J

    Mitutoyo 0-6" Outside Micrometer Set - NEW

    NEW Mitutoyo 0-6" Micrometer Set. .0001 graduations. Comes in wood box, complete with standards. $575.00 shipped (over $750.00 online) Also, the last photo is of 6-7" and a 7-8" matching, but used micrometers. The pair are $150.00 shipped with the set, or $170 shipped by themselves.
  13. J

    6" Kurt Vise Accessory Jaws and Plates

    Yes, I sold these over 4 years ago. I'm was surprised that they surfaced again. Sure wish I had more of that machinists items! Jack
  14. J

    WTB groove micrometer

    I don't have one for sale at this time, it's been a while since I had one, but I'm always looking for items like that. I do have a lot of other tools on my website. at Machinist Tools Thanks, Jack Hoying Fort Loramie, Ohio
  15. J

    Machinist version of kitchen table

    We don't place a chair on the end unless it's extended with boards in.
  16. J

    Machinist version of kitchen table

    One thing for sure, they are already lining up who will get it in the future!
  17. J

    Machinist version of kitchen table

    Not your average kitchen table. Started with cast iron legs and gears from an 1860s metal lathe that was being scrapped. Local White Oak boards used. Extensions are standard unistrut running in ball bearings. Table extends 36” by use of the crank. Acme threaded rod by Keith Rucker.
  18. J

    Is foundry pattern making really a dieing sector

    A local large business makes aluminum vacuum molds for anything from refrigerator liners to truck bed liners. They use very large patterns. Years ago, everything was mahogany and they'd sometimes call me in to modify one (I'm a cabinetmaker). The last 10 years or so, they've used nothing but...