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    sharpen reamer cone tip from pipe threading machine?

    Reaming the cut end brings the pipe ID back to full size.
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    sharpen reamer cone tip from pipe threading machine?

    How is it different than setting up any taper reamer for sharpening? Tilt the workhead until an indicator swept along the cutting edge remains stationary ( or at zero ). Index and support the cutting edge with a grinder finger. Grind primary and second bevel like any other reamer.
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    Spec a aluminum I beam

    Isn't all that information on the Spanco website? Multiple widths and heights available in most every capacity.
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    Is this machine identifiable from this picture?

    It's a lathe, no doubt about it Do you want a turret lathe?
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    Compressor pump identification?

    More like an auto transmission cooler.
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    Need to identify Tool Bit Grinder Manufacturer

    Picked up at auction where? USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia? My guess is not of USA manufacture.
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    Unknown tool ID

    Casino croupier chip carrier
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    Steam Locomotive Experience

    Happy to have helped Rick. Learned a thing or two as well.
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    What are there tools used for ?

    Etched on the stems, "Not every piece of crap you find in an old toolbox needs to be kept. Please dispose properly."
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    Steam Locomotive Experience

    Good for you Rick. The #58 looks great and you're doing a thousand times more than the .....some day.... tribe.
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    WTB/ WTT 6" rotary table (made in Japan, Taiwan, USA etc)

    If any pop up in auctions, I'll PM you, they probably could go flat rate with lots of strong tape.
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    Rivett 608 - is this a parts machine or not missing too much?

    Is the real question, " Can I make more money fixing it up or parting it out?"
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    FS: Vintage 15” Graphite Crucible Clay Melting Smelting Pot Refining Casting Metal

    Why is this posting still here? Same for the spammers in General, they should be long gone in less than eight hours.
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    WTB/ WTT 6" rotary table (made in Japan, Taiwan, USA etc)

    Benchmaster had a small RT for their mills, both 6 and 8". Keep an eye out for those as well.
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    Flagging spammers?

    More effective would be unleashing a hacker against the spammer to cripple their IT infrastructure.
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    Well weathered vintage machinery at auction near me( smith Silk planer, #5 becker brainard mill, #2 vert cinci mill, lots of old blacksmith stuff)

    Better late then never. Beats finding an intact machine shop a developer bought. He has the excavator operator tear the roof off and then plucked each machine out with the bucket and thumb, placing them "gently" in the scrap dumpster.
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    Lodge and Shipley Lathe - Possible first purchase

    Strange machine buying criteria. Cheap lathe for it's size, but I don't want to drive so far to see it and maybe not buy. Another lathe that's three times the price of the first machine, but half the distance. You expect the seller(s) to assess the bed and spindle wear for a prospective buyer...
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    OT: 2nd Catalytic converter stolen.

    What will you do at inspection time? Does Mass still have a tailpipe emissions test? If they connect to your OBD2 and see any codes, you're toast.
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    NOS Moore 1-2-3 block set. Still wrapped. Sharing and question

    Could be the centerpiece, on display in a Moore Jig Bore cabinet along with other Moore tooling in a large machine shop foyer.