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    Lots of HeliCoil items

    I have a lot of HeliCoil Items for sale. Discount for shipping on multiple purchases PayPal or Check 1. HeliCoil 1"-8 Master Thread Repair Kit - Everything looks like new - the empty slot in the box originally had 6 inserts ($425.00 new) $80.00 shipped 2. HeliCoil Power Tool Kit -...
  2. J

    CNC Tooth (human) Manufacturing

    I was at the dentist here in our small town and didn't know that permanent crowns are made on a desktop machine. It measured about 30" x 20" x 15" tall. This photo is of the business portion. The largest endmill is about .125".
  3. J

    Cleveland Tapered Reamer Set - 11 pcs

    Cleveland Taper Pin Reamer Set. #0 through #10 Very good condition - High quality U.S.A. made Wooden case Very handy for machine rebuilders! $265.00 shipped (last photo shows pricing for U.S.A. made tapered reamers at Travers Tool) I have lots of other machinist tools on my website at...
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    Various Micrometers

    Starrett #256 disc style micrometer - Can measure groove spacings, etc. Calibrated in 2020 - $125.00 shipped Mitutoyo 112-225, 0 - 1" X .001" - Point Micrometer, Ratchet, 30 Deg. Steel Points - like new, calibrated in 2020 - $95.00 shipped Starrett #486 , 3 to 4" blade micrometer -...
  5. J

    Mitutoyo 0-6" Outside Micrometer Set - NEW

    NEW Mitutoyo 0-6" Micrometer Set. .0001 graduations. Comes in wood box, complete with standards. $575.00 shipped (over $750.00 online) Also, the last photo is of 6-7" and a 7-8" matching, but used micrometers. The pair are $150.00 shipped with the set, or $170 shipped by themselves.
  6. J

    Machinist version of kitchen table

    Not your average kitchen table. Started with cast iron legs and gears from an 1860s metal lathe that was being scrapped. Local White Oak boards used. Extensions are standard unistrut running in ball bearings. Table extends 36” by use of the crank. Acme threaded rod by Keith Rucker.
  7. J

    Albrecht 1/32-1/2" and Jacobs 14N Super chuck on R8 arbors

    Albrecht 1/32" to 1/2" (1-13mm) chuck on Jacobs R8 arbor - good condition - $125.00 shipped in U.S. Jacobs 0-1/2" 14N Ball Bearing Super chuck with key on R8 arbor - good condition - $90.00 shipped in U.S.
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    SECO 2 1/4" mill with R8 shank NEW

    SECO End Mill - 2 1/4" width - R8 shank - BRAND NEW (cost over $500.00) - $235.00 shipped Jack Fort Loramie, Ohio My website with other machinist tools for sale Machinist Tools
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    Hardinge 2J Collet Chuck for L0 Mount with 2J Collet Set

    Hardinge-Sjogren No. 2 Speed-Collet Chuck with 21 piece Hardinge 2J collet set from 3/16" to 1 3/8", by 1/16" increments. Mounts on a L0 lathe Spindle (4 1/2" across the mounting threads) In very nice condition. This was previously used occasionally on a Cincinnati Hydrashift lathe. $750.00...
  10. J

    Delta / Rockwell 20" Metal and Wood Bandsaw

    Delta / Rockwell 28-500 Bandsaw. Amazing range of speed from 50 to 4500 feet per minute blade speed. It has a Hi/Low gearbox, and a variable speed control. All in good condition. 220v Single Phase. 20" wheels, 12" maximum depth of cut. Huge 24" x 24" cast iron table. Overall height of 78"...
  11. J

    Herman Schmidt and Suburban items

    I have a Herman Schmidt Kuhn Clearview Radius and Angle Dresser - new price was over $2500.00 - $655.00 shipped Come with mahogany case and extra sizes of diamond holders - Has a brand new lens (old lens is in photos) Suburban MCS-6 Magnetic Cylinder Square - 1" shaft - 3 3/8" base - 6 1/2"...
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    Unisaw Belt Life

    I was changing the blade on my 10" Unisaw the other day and a missing chunk of belt caught my eye. I rebuilt the saw in 2006, and apparently should of looked at the belts sooner. I have a new set on order. P.S. I do use the saw daily in my cabinet business. Jack Fort Loramie, Ohio...
  13. J

    Kurt 6" Vise Set

    I have two identical Kurt D688 AngLock Vises for sale. Both are in great condition, and were only used a short time. Comes with handles. $400.00 each, or $750.00 for the pair. (Picked up in Western Ohio)
  14. J

    Ball Screw set for Bridgeport with 42" table.

    Ball Screw X & Y Set for 42" Bridgeport Mill - includes T-nut bracket - used for a short time, but not with CNC (previous owner changed his mind and bought a completed CNC mill) - $850.00 shipped Main shaft is 54" long.
  15. J

    Set of six - 6" anti-vibration tool feet

    Set of 6 - 6" Heavy Duty Anti Vibration Machine Feet - Steel outside, rubber inside - 3/4-10 mounting bolts 4 of one brand, two of another (only real difference is the thickness of the rubber pad) $135.00 shipped Lots of other tools on my website at Machinist Tools
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    Jacobs Flex-Collet Chuck for L1 Lathe Spindle

    Jacobs Flex-Collet Holder for L1 Lathe Spindle - works great - Complete set of collets from 1/16" to 1 3/8" $350.00 shipped I also have other sets of the flex-collets for sale
  17. J

    Lathe Chuck Adapter Plate L-2 Spindle Mount Taper

    This is a chuck mount for a L2 spindle. The mounting face is 5.625" diameter with a 5" boss, .25" high. The 4 bolt mounting pattern is approximately 4.13" diameter. I didn't try to remove it, but the mounting plate appears to be removable. $100.00 shipped Thanks, Jack Machinist Tools
  18. J

    1" Carbide End Mills

    I have two types of carbide end mills for sale. 4 of each type. 1" diameter x 4" long, 4 flute 4 are ball end, 4 are square end. All the ball end are newly resharpened All the square end are newly resharpened, but one shows a tiny mark on one tip, possibly done in storage. Asking $150.00 for...
  19. J

    CA Toolpost Holders

    I have a selection of 11 CA sized lathe tool holders. Boring bars are not priced separately below Most are not branded There are 6 typical tool holders with 1 1/8" or 1 1/4" tool slots. A couple are tilted back to lock a boring bar in better. There is one parting tool blade holder One - 1 1/4"...
  20. J

    Cutting Tools

    I have several cutting tools for sale. See photos for details Ingersol 1.25" mill with flat bottom insert - 1" shank - ....$50.00 shipped CoroMill 390 1" end mill - 1" shank - 2 tooth.................$75.00 shipped Mitsubishi large radius end mill - 8" long, 1.25" shank, 2" cutting diameter - 6...