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    Pallet jack pump problem

    Picked up a used pallet jack ( Lift-Rite Titan ) for pennies, because it was stuck in the raised position. Thought it would be an easy fix...., a valve problem. Removed the pump from the frame and found that the piston would raise and lower only about an inch below full travel. Valve appears to...
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    Info about a Grand Rapids G&L drill grinder

    Does anyone have any information on the machine pictured? Model number, weight, capabilities, etc.? I'm wondering if it's versatile enough to save or just a boat anchor?
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    Gas cylinder hrdrotest question

    Searched, but I can't find an answer. I have several 20 cu. ft. high pressure cylinder I bought used, some still some O2 left in them others are empty. They all have a manufacture date of 2014, 2016, etc., but none of them have a hydro re-test stamp. They were purchased new, filled, used and...
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    Slightly O.T. someone looking for VN#12 head gears

    Can't find the post, but I recall that there ( maybe ) was a guy looking for parts for his machine. Anyone else remember the post? I think t was bevel gears? I got a line on a #12 and might buy an additional mill to part out so that others may be repaired.
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    Purox/Linde/Union Carbide/Esab W-200 torch body

    Have a couple of old W-200 torches I just picked up and I'd like to clean them up before using. What little information ESAB has available on the O/A W-200 torch body say the gas valves have packing under the nuts, what type of packing would be a suitable replacement? Would it be a packing...
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    Couple of odd taps

    Found in a box of mic. at an estate sale. Larger is marked 3/4-27 cutting length nearly 3", the smaller 3/8-27, slight taper to the teeth on both. Marking appear hand stamped, no manufacturers name. Are these UNS series? What was the application for a high pitch number in a 3/4" diameter?
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    Stuck handwheel collet close

    Picked up an addition lathe. 5C collet in the spindle and the handwheel closer won't budge. I've got the spindle locked and tried a strap wrench on the handwheel, but no success it just slips on the smooth convex surface. Don't want to destroy the handwheel with gorilla attempts with a pipe...
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    Slightly O.T. Cutting tool trademark

    What cutting tools company uses OK inside of a diamond shape?
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    Sellers Farrell drill grinder 6-ga

    Maybe this would be more appropriate in general. The above drill grinder is for sale in my general area. For those familiar with machines from this maker, what are the key areas to check in a used drill grinder? I don't have a serial # yet, any ideas how how old it might be? Similar to...
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    At auction - Hendy geared head lathe

    West Point, New York Cabinet Shop Said to be 16x54" 4 jaw and steady is all I see in pictures HENDEY LATHE, MODEL 16 x 54 G.H., S/N 38568H1554 (PREVIOUSLY OPERATED ON A NAVY SHIP) No affiliation with shop or auctioneer.
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    Somewhat O.T Sutton collets

    When did Sutton cease making lathe and machine collets? Anyone have a old catalog or know of where one could be found online?
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    Older Hendey on Georgia Craigslist

    Not mine. Hendey Lathe - tools - by owner - sale Yes, a high asking price. Someone might be able to talk so sense into the man.
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    DoAll Model J bandsaw

    Posting here first due to it's age. Not much on the DoAll website, just a very basic manual. There is a 12" Contourmaster at a local auction, starting bid very low. From what I've read, you can run regular blades and band files. Any one have one and know the approximate weight? Seems to be...
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    Battleship New Jersey Machine Shop Tour

    Premiers in three days: Battleship New Jersey's Machine Shop - YouTube
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    Slightly OT unknown cutters

    Four new boxes of Hanita HSS cutters in a cabinet I picked up at a metal stamping shop auction. Hanita seems to be Widia now, Nothing printed on the plastic boxes (10 packs), tooling itself it marked 140-668/84 and 6.5x8.0, end is almost like a Vee grove router bit. Internet search comes up with...
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    O.T. - Machinery in the Man in the High Castle

    Anyone else watching this episodic? Quite a bit of old machinery can be seen in some of the shots. One of the actors works in a manual machine shop. Another scene in season 1, episode 9 takes place in a boatyard/shipwright's shop. If you have Amazon Prime it's free.
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    FS - Jarno #7 Half centers

    Have 2 new #7 Jarno HSS half centers made by Ready Tool. Never used, no rust, one removed from packaging for photo. $36 for both including shipping, USA only.
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    Info on Leland-Gifford gang drillls

    Looking for a manual or exploded parts diagram or even just a model #. Similar to: 1922 Leland-Gifford Drilling Machines Ad | eBay I have searched PM, VintageMachinery, Chaski, etc., to no avail.
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    Diamond mill sold at auction

    Anyone here snag the Diamond mill that recently sold at the Utility Engineering Auction in Pearl River, N.Y.? DIAMOND TOOL HORIZONTAL MILLING MACHINE WITH VERTICAL HEAD ATTACHMENT, DIVIDING HEAD, CABINET BAS
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    Moving a kick press

    Moving two small kick presses on stands, solo out of a ground level shop. Similar to Famco #12. Was considering tipping them up on to a dolly. Suggestions? No pallet jack.