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    Looking for Deckel Active elektro drawings

    Can someone help me to find the elektrical drawings for an Active Deckel? I need the part for the feed, so the servo-drive, servomotor and how that is connected to start/stop and what type of potentional meter is used. Thanks.
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    VDF Boehringer lathe factory

    In German langauge but very interesting video how things are done regarding building a new lathe in the VDF Boehringer factory , it starts around 10:30 .
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    C.E.Johansson movie

    I found another very interesting Youtube movie, this time related to precision and a part of it seems an orginal Johansson factory-movie starting around 12:00 I found this very interesting and a well made video so if you like this stuff too I can recomand to watch the whole movie and...
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    Hyster S7.00xl S155xl firing order

    I've bought a Hyster S7.00XL (or S155XL ) with a GM 4,3 propane engine which runs poorly. Does anyone know it's firing order? Found something on Google but not sure if that is correct. Thanks!
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    Mikron WF1 overhaul done the right way

    And that is how it should be done: A bit long video but for me worth every minute to watch it.
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    Schaublin website updated

    For those who missed it the Schaublin dealer in the UK updated his website with intresting info regarding the older Schaublins: Schaublin lathes and milling machines - Anglo-Swiss Tools Now I know only 200 160's were build.Rare as a diamond.
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    VDF Picturebook

    Now on Ebay an ad with some pictures showing: 10 Jahre VDF- feinste Industrie-Fotografie 1939 mit Heidenreich&Harbeck Widmung | eBay Enjoy as long it's there!
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    Visiting the Schaublin factory

    Found a report here: Schaublin | Taylor Horology
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    Schaublin 125 Ebay auction

    Normally I believe it's not allowed to start a post about an active Ebay item but this one has gone already so far I don't think it does not matter any more. This is the subject: SCHÄUBLIN 125 Hochpraezisions Drehbank in in Thurmansbang | eBay Main question: What will be the selling price? I...
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    Had the Schaublin 160 it's own orginal starwheel-tailstock?

    The 160's I've found on the internet all seems to have a 135 tailstock. Clearly viseable on this one. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mouthaan/3754496483/in/set-72157621822832676/ Does someone has documentation about this? Or maybe the 135-tailstock was used orginal.
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    The oldest Deckel ever

    Looks like a real Friedrich Deckel machine. Deckel Universalfräsmaschine **HISTORISCH**SAMMLERSTÜCK** in in München | eBay
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    Disaster! Franz Singer left Ebay

    Singer is not on Ebay anymore , the website is still there. And there is a new kid in town: DMG MORI SEIKI Spare parts GmbH. FP, MH Artikel im DMG MORI Spare Parts Shop bei eBay! Also in Geretsried, but another adress. So Singer might sold his company to DMG?
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    Millplus keyboard problem

    I ran into a problem with the keyboard of my Maho 600C. It is a Millplus running under DOS. The keyboard is a AT type, connected with 4 wires. But how to find out what wire does what? (keyboard is connected with a 9-pins connector)
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    Cincinnati Toolmaster DD drivebelt

    I am cleaning up a Cincinnato toolmaster model DD (made in France) and I would like to replace the variomatic drivebelt. It's made by Texrope, diamensions 38*8-870 . I think Texrope does not exist any more, and I can't find another one of this size. Anyone has an adress for such drivebelts...
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    Need help with Maho 600C, error 14

    My Maho is trowing up some troubles, from time to time it puts itself in emergency-stop.And it's getting worse.No error is displayed on screen, just I01 and I05. But the error or fault indicator ( in the door of the elektrik box) shows "14". My documentation is lacking the list for these...
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    Looking for Studer RHU500 manual

    Might be a long shot, but is anyone willing to share?
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    Are Deckel controls fragile?

    I did not want to put it in another thread, so I'll ask it here: Are Deckel controls perhaps very fragile? Most recent threads here are now only about defective Deckel controls. I have the impression it's much less for Philips/HH/Fanuc controls.
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    Deckel 2037 universal table cleaning = pictures

    I had to use a Deckel FP1 table for slotting but it needed a good cleaning first, so I made a few pictures. Hope you guys like this Deckel strip-show! Chips are everywere. Bad smelling oil and grease
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    Pictures of a large Russian Workplant

    VOX POPULI - Not so many machinery on the photo's, but still fascinating.
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    Are all CNC Deckel FP series build with a full range gearbox?

    Or are the later ones build just like the Maho's , just a gearbox for Hi/low an within that range elektronic controlled?