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  1. vr6

    Milling Marks from Wiper Inserts on 4140 Skim Cut

    Nerdlinger, I supported when you first started running this cutter and inserts back in 2020, have you by chance picked up new inserts since then? We changed the inserts to a press rake face because the older inserts at times, 1 would sit more proud then the others causing a scratch on the back...
  2. vr6

    Engraving help.

    FAK excellent product line for engraving
  3. vr6

    Swiss Tooling Recommendation

    https://ssl.ingersoll-imc.com/resources/pdf/CAT-016_Swiss_Live_Turning.pdf link to ingersoll cutting tools, check out the website too type swiss in the Akita™ product search field and it will filter to only swiss only tools in yellow
  4. vr6

    Shell Mills!

    take a look at this tool from Ingersoll Cutting Tools. you can use a high feed insert, 90° insert in the same insert pocket DiPosDuo | SFeedUP On promo as well https://ssl.ingersoll-imc.com/resources/pdf/pro-113-4_ingersoll_2021_promo/2021_promo_p(5).pdf
  5. vr6

    Endmills. Price vs Performance vs Life

    just want to share a very popular, economical line of solid carbide end mills from Ingersoll Cutting Tools. RhinoRounds SCEM Solid Carbide End Mills On promo as well https://ssl.ingersoll-imc.com/resources/pdf/pro-113-4_ingersoll_2021_promo/2021_promo_p(14).pdf
  6. vr6

    Help needed with deep pocket. .625 wide x 2.5" deep in 4140 pre hard

    suggestions for high feed tool https://www.ingersoll-imc.com/product?ecatProductId=3725072 cutter body EDP: 6218703 - Part Number: SDXS0402MPR-MR IN2530 - Series: SD_S0402MPR_ insert EDP: 4502364 - Part Number: M08-L5.0-W.625 - Series: W*MOD*SK steel shank
  7. vr6

    Help needed with deep pocket. .625 wide x 2.5" deep in 4140 pre hard

    could you use a high feed mill to remove the bulk of the material and then come back and finish with a solid to create the radius on the bottom
  8. vr6

    OT - Chemtool is on FIRE!!!

    fire is about 25 north of me. local sky has been filled with black all day and the area around rockton has been evacuated. Local airport has been asked to assist with foam since water has done little to combat this fire local news just reported that mask should be worn for most of the region...
  9. vr6

    Need a 1"Ø-ish high feed end for the Speedio

    Hi-Feed Endmills tons of options from Ingersoll
  10. vr6

    Are there alternatives to these Ingersoll inserts?

    no alternates available as most tangential inserts are proprietary to the cutter. inserts are available direct from ingersoll or you can reach out to your distributor directly with the edp number. grade IN2030, can run in most materials, but not irons or non ferrous materials. qty direct from...
  11. vr6

    High feed milling suggestions

    what are your expectations, machine, setup and overall rigidity? what size tool do you need? material using? budget? i can help you out with an Ingersoll item but i need more information thanks.
  12. vr6

    Milling chamfers on lathe - Angled driven tool holders

    what size of a tool do you think you want? i am sure i can come with something for a suggestion
  13. vr6

    Looking for a new Carbide tipped drill...................

    Tungaloy tips will only work on their drill bodies, they are not interchangeable due to the thickness of the tips
  14. vr6

    Looking for a new Carbide tipped drill...................

    Gold-Twist take a look at the line of drills.
  15. vr6

    4 Flutes or 2 - For Calculating Feed and SFM ???

    its considered a half effective tool, program your feedrate using 2, not 4
  16. vr6

    How to find a toolholder for known Kennametal inserts

    OR, you can call them also for an answer. i take maybe 10-12 calls a week about people having older ingersoll inserts and want to know information about them. our website, ingersoll-imc.com is very easy to navigate but the downside is that we only keep products that are current and up tp 10...
  17. vr6

    Ingersoll Grade 205

    the cde323 inserts in the 205 grade can be used for most ferrous materials. the grade is very comparable to our IN2530 that is widely used today. the IN2530 just has our latest coating that we offer. Milling Grade Search
  18. vr6

    Ingersoll Grade 205

    Hi sneebot, i am in tech support @ Ingersoll cutting tools. i am working on getting your answer asap. this grade was phased many many years ago so i do not have that answer in front of me at this time. i have sent the question to engineering for information and possibly some operating parameters too
  19. vr6

    Will IMTS get canceled?

    seriuously the best answer on this whole discussion if IMTS gets cancelled. @Ingersoll Cutting Tools, we have 2 mobile trucks that drive all across the usa and canada and make stops at shops 3 days a week showing our current products and sometimes "soon to be released products" and we feed...
  20. vr6

    Sandvik replacing all R840 with 860.1 X1BM grade?

    did someone from sandvik tell you the drill line was being phased out completely once inventory levels are at zero???