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    Recommendations for a book about technological change early/mid 1900's

    Hi everyone, We are working through issues of ever changing and improving technology at work, centered primarily on digital platforms and resources and how best to integrate them into a hybrid workforce. I'm looking for a book/article/resource that speaks to a similar situation in regards to...
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    Intact Gauge/indicator shop Waltham,MA - interest in the machines

    Hello all, I was able to tour an old shop in Waltham, MA yesterday and wanted to share what I saw. For reference, it is the shop from this thread: Clearing out old machine shop It was/is the Randall & Stickney Gauge and Indicator shop. The current owner of the shop is a very nice guy but...
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    Strausak and Cie Swiss watchmakers grinder - looking for info

    I ended up with this small grinding machine and am looking for any info about it. I have seen reference to Strausak and Cie in google searches but have not seen anything about smaller tools that they have made. I'm also totally in the dark as to grinding equipment, all my experience is in...
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    Looking for chase screwcutting bracket

    I have been finding parts for the late Cataract era chase screwcutting setup and am to the point where I am only really missing one part to put it to use. That part is the bracket that holds the main bar and the end of the hob on the headstock end. Here is a picture of that part: And the pic...
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    Another Cataract Bench Miller

    I responded to a local Craigslist Ad last week and ended up with, among other things, a little Cataract Bench Miller. It is even smaller than I thought it would be, noticeably smaller than even my Stark bench mill. Condition is good/bad. The good being that most of it is in very good usable...
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    Chase screwcutting hob ID

    I purchased a group of master hobs last week and found there to be at least 3 different types included. Some are stamped Hardinge, others written on to be identified as Hardinge, and one stamped Elgin toolworks . There are a few, though, that have no name and are different. One of the Hardinge...
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    Hardinge/Elgin open headstock questions

    Hello everyone, I am finally getting my little home shop together and have been assembling my bench and setting up the lathe I will be using. I have run into a few snags and need some reassurance before I move forward. I have a few questions: 1. I am going to go with my 57 plain headstock...
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    Help ID this indexer?

    I picked up this indexer on a trip to pick up a nice old Sheldon arbor press last weekend (JB, if you are reading this, thanks again!) and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about who could have made it. It doesn't seem like an amazing piece but I am curious. There is one (kind of...
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    Pratt and Whitney shaper on C-list

    Man, I wish this was closer. Many of my relatives still work for P&W in East Hartford (not the same company, but close enough). Looks like a bit of a project but one I would take on if I could pick it up. Pratt and Whitney metal shaper
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    Hardinge/Elgin split bed tailstock tapers

    Hello everyone, I have a Cataract 57 setup in good shape but also recently acquired an Elgin BB59 headstock. I am planning on using the Elgin on the Cataract bed and making an adapter to fit the 57 headstock on my Stark horizontal mill base, which I am excited about. My question here is did...
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    Cataract screwcutting setup gear question

    Hello everyone, I have searched for an answer to this question but have not been able to find it so I am hoping someone here either has or has seen one and can help me out. On the open headstock Cataract lathes with the screwcutting setup (not the chase screwcutting, the one that powers the...