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  1. chucker

    Fanuc CNC Simulator

    Any you guys have one of these Simulators in your shop? we got 2 of them and I have been playing with them, the mill side works pretty good, but the lathe side I can't figure out how to get it to change tools, I have tried every combination of T codes I can think of but no go, in a program or...
  2. chucker

    OT: Best Hearing Aid For Machine Shop.

    Well I am getting tired of saying what did you say and speak up, wife complains about TV is to loud and I still have to ask her what did they say, I have had hearing loss all my life, got an appointment with an audiologist, Googled all the different hearing aids there a ton of options, so I...
  3. chucker

    Who Has The Best Plunge Mill

    What's your favorite Plunge mill? I use a .625 dia inserted replaceable head high feed mill from Seco, roughing a slot that is .642 wide and .375 deep some of the slots are up to 10' long, 5500 rpm 75 ipm with a .1 step over, the tool has always worked great, but we have been using it for a few...
  4. chucker

    Need Help With Helical Cross Milling On Lathe Problems with cutter comp

    Like the title says I am helical cross milling a .757 hole on a live tooling lathe. The lathe is a Doosan with a Fanuc 18i control, I wrote the program by hand it works fine I am milling in G19 (YZ) plane, my problem is when I put a value in the register for cutter comp I get an alarm that says...
  5. chucker

    old valenite tooling

    Dose any one remember the old Valenite BB1 and BB2 dove tail boring bars? you could get a roughing head or a fine boring head. Dose any one make them any more I have been searching all over the internet and cant find any place that makes them. thanks for your help in advance.:confused:
  6. chucker

    Mazak Screen Shots

    I know on a some Fanuc controls you can hold down the shift key and send a screenshot to your card. Do Mazak controls have a similar fuction if so what key or key combination do you use. Thank You For The Help
  7. chucker

    Bar Feed on Mazak Problems

    I have a Mazak quick turn Nexus 250 II with a LNS Quick Load 80 bar feeder works great lathe runs great but when the lathe sees the end of bar at the M69 it jumps to the sub program 9999 it will run the sub just fine open the chuck bring the stop down push to the stop close the chuck but here is...
  8. chucker

    Turn EZ-Guide-i on and off ?

    We got another used 2007 Doosan VC400 Fanuc 21i-MB it has the EZ-GUIDE-I turned on what I am trying to do is get back to the normal Fanuc screen like all our machines is this possible. On our 2013 Oi controls I can switch back and fourth form one to the other I can not figure how to do it on...
  9. chucker

    New Doosan Lynx Questions

    Got a new Lynx 220 LMS last week the tech left the machine on when he was done today I went over to play with it and when I give it a S500 M3 the sub spindle ran and not the main I could not get the main to run at all I shut down the machine down and back on now S500M3 runs the main spindle I...
  10. chucker

    Castrol Syntilo 9930 coolant pros / cons

    thinking about switching to this any body use it what did you think
  11. chucker

    how do read Setting Timer page on fanuc

    How do you read the setting timer page on an Fanuc Control I am confused in the pic below operating time is 6hrs 26min 9sec cutting time is 3hr 17min 41sec if I add this together I get 9hrs 50min 50sec Seems to make sense with a 10 hour shift. The machine is a HMC with dual pallets a main...
  12. chucker

    Tool Holder Identification

    Can anyone identify the manufacturer of these tool holders they are on my Daewoo 2500sy lathe they have no markings at all on them I am trying to find a place to buy more of them I have found some that would fit on the machine but they have bolts that hold the tools in not the wedges. I have 6...
  13. chucker

    Daewoo DMVs what are they worth

    I have been looking at a couple of daewoo DMVs at on line auctions 1 is a DMV-400 40 taper 1998 the other is a DMV-650 50 taper 1998 both have Mitsubishi controls anyone know roughly what there worth?
  14. chucker

    High Pressure Coolant Pumps

    I have 2 Chip blasters 1 works grate the other I have lot of problems with I am looking at the replacement cost and found used ones between 7000 to 10000 then I seen these D/G-12 Hydra-Cell pumps 5.12 GPM up 1000 PSI price about $3250 they look just about like you regular coolant pump that sets...
  15. chucker

    Short cut keys / hot keys fanuc Robot

    We have a robot cell set up with 2 lathes and 2 mills and a Fanuc R-2000IB 165F robot and the R-30ia control. My problem is that we have a production status page setup where you can go and look at the part count and tell the robot if there is a part in each machine or if there is a part in the...
  16. chucker

    Changing parameters from program

    Can anyone explane the programs below I know they are changing parameters and I relize that they are calling up the programs with a M code I just dont understand why they were doing it. I found them in a 2500SY Deawoo lathe with a FANUC 18i it has live tooling sub spindle Y axis C1 and C2 we...
  17. chucker

    Intergrex Sub Spindle Problems

    I am trying to drill 1 hole at 0 deg and another at 180. But I can not seem to get C2 to work for some reason on our Intergrex I was using M319 S0 and M319 S180. then I found that my holes were not always straight across I have found that after calling the M319 that it does not hold the spindle...
  18. chucker

    Mori Tooling

    Anybody know where you can buy Wedge Blocks and Clamp Blocks for a Mori Duraturn lathe Mori wants $235 just for one set. surely someone else makes them cheaper than that, its just 2 small pices on metal and 3 screws
  19. chucker

    Mazak System Variables

    I use alot of Variables in my G code programs for our Fanuc control but have not done to much G code programming for the used Mazaks that we got I found out that when running a G code program on our Mazak Mill that I could not get it to count parts so I added this statement to the program...
  20. chucker

    Integrex 300SY 2nd spindle wont start

    :nutter: Kinda felling a little humbled today, We got a integrex 300SY with a PC-Fusion-CNC 640MT control that I am trying to teach myself how to run I have got a problem getting the head 2 / sub spindle to run I can run it in manual and have got both spindles to run in MDI at the same time but...