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    New machine(s) day!

    I’m setting up a home prototype shop to keep from interrupting my main business. Already got a VF2SS and just received the final machines. New Takisawa TCN-2600CM L6, and a Makino U6 HEAT wire EDM. Should be able to make most everything I want with this combo. Getting excited!!
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    Need help on value of Conrac Grind-r-lap machine

    What should I list this Conrac Grind-r-lap machine for? I purchased this along with other scrapping tool for a project that I’m probably never going to get to. If anyone is interested in it shoot me a message.
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    Trying to get rid of CNC Mill in Austin

    I have a 1998 Hitachi Seiki CNC milling machine (VK45 II), that I need removed to make room for new equipment. Does anyone know of a machinery scrap person in the Austin area that can pic this machine up? It developed a hydraulic issue in the tool changer and Im not will to figure it out at this...
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    Fanuc Robodrill. What's the differences in models??

    I am looking to pickup a couple used Fanuc Robocut wires in the vintage 1999-2003. I cannot find any literature on the model differences. Can anyone tell me what differs between the alpha Oia, OiC, and OC models? They all have the same travels so I can only assume the differences are in...
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    Another Alcoa plant closing and the machine auction listings

    Alcoa Alumina plant in south Texas closing with 650 jobs lost. Alcoa sites increased global competition and slumping economy for the decision. This plant has been operational for 70yrs. As much as I know it’s the right financial decision, I can’t help but be sad for another institution lost to...
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    Looking at OMAX water jet. Talk me out of it.

    We are setting up a small fab cell for mostly sheet metal jobs sub 24”sq. Been looking at and talking to reps from OMAX. The machine in particular is a GlobalMAX. Although it’s main purpose will be for cutting net shapes in sheet metal, we’d also use it for material prep for the machine shop...
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    So I bought a new press brake. Now what?

    I just purchased our first first piece of our new fab department. We bought a 1993 Toyokoki APB-3613W that appears to be in great condition. Specs are 48” bed, 36ton and 6 axis back gauge. This will be accompanied by a Waterjet and other misc. equipment for sheet metal prototype work in the...
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    What older HMC models/options can support modern HSM machining?

    I am in the market for a couple used HMC’s for a new product line. The product at this point can’t justify new machines so I’m looking at the used market. On paper it seems like late 90’s to early 2000’s are a good value. My concern is can they keep up both in terms of code processing and chip...
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    Does anyone know where to get Titanium Nitrided?

    I have a firearm part that we are seeing significant galling. The part slides along another part made of steel. We have tried anodizing but it only lasts about 250 cycles before wear-thru. I am reading plenty of articles and studies that are showing fantastic results in plasma nitriding of...
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    Looking for ideas on hiring apprentices

    I’m wanting to hire a couple guys as apprentices. We have a lack of machinists in the Austin area and the ones that are here are terribly under-skilled. I think if I can find guys with a mechanical aptitude and and eagerness to listen and learn, we might have a chance for success. My question...
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    Freelance designer for progressive die design

    Can anyone help with die design? I need a progressive die that is fairly involved (I think). If you or someone you know can help and has past examples to show ability please PM me. Thanks Chris
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    Does anyone have experience working with 8AL-1MO-1V Titanium?

    Ive got a product that I am developing that I want the properties of Titanium but I don't need the ultimate strength. With the added 2% of aluminum and the few percent less Vanadium that 8-1-1 has, I am hoping that this machines better than 6AL-4V. Anyone have a side by side comparison of both...
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    New Haas EC-400. More than a VMC on its back?

    Looks like the new Haas EC-400 is getting some "real" HMC features. Pic shows 100 pot tool wheel and new design tool change arm. Anyone have more info?? Haas Automation, Inc. on Instagram: “The new EC-4 is almost here. Only 2 more months until we debut the EC-4 and more at IMTS 218. . . ...
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    Can a 2010 bar feeder work with a 2014 ST20?

    The bar feed model is BAR48A. Any reason this won’t work with a 2014 ST20? I know the model number for a 2014 bar feeder is BAR48B but I don’t know what the differences are.
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    CNC Programmer/Machinist Needed in Austin area

    I am in need of 2 CNC machinists to join our small but talented group. We are a prototype shop that machines a diverse array of parts for the semiconductor, aerospace, O&G, and automotive sectors. Qualifications for the right candidates should have the following traits: -Well versed in GD&T...
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    Need help from the forum. Need pic of BP Shaper on scale

    I am getting overcharged by my shipper on shipping a BP shaper. I marked the weight as 180lbs and Im getting charged for 280. Can someone take a pic of their shaper on a scale to show weight? Thanks for the help in advance!! -Chris
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    School me on Brother TC-32BQT

    I am needing to add another 30 taper spindle to the shop. We currently have a DT1 that we are mostly happy with and are thinking of a second one with Midaco pallet changer. I am unfamiliar with the Brother brand as a whole but hear great things. I am looking for what is good and what isnt with...
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    Need help with Matsuura spindle brake troubleshooting

    I have a Matsuura RA2f with Yasnac i80 control and motors. During tool change, the spindle is not locking (brake). This causes the tool to rotate slightly during change. Can anyone point me into the right direction?
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    Is Yasnac J300 control capable of modern machining techniques?

    I have a early 90’s Matsuura with i80 control. It’s a great machine for slow and steady machining in steel, but leaves a lot to be desired in aluminum. It’s too slow and can’t even come close to running as quick as even a measly Haas. Is the newer J300 control any more capable? I am looking at a...
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    FS Brazed carbide Lathe Shanks

    81 pcs. All American made, most are new. From 5/16”-1” $200 inc. shipping